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The Hell Trilogy: Protagonist vs. Antagonist

I should probably explain. I have published a book called Drag Me to Hell about the beginning of a war between two sides of immortals; one who wants to protect humanity (Pandora and friends) and one who wants to end humanity and start the world anew (Bailey and minions). On my stepdad, Tim's advice I decided to make a Hell trilogy because as Tim said, "If you write a trilogy no readers can ignore you." Yes, it's true that currently, I'm writing Head Hunters, but as of recently I'm going over my Escaping Hell notes as well. This should help me manage my time better in my work without confusing me. As I was looking at my notes for the antagonist, Bailey Fletcher I came to a very interesting discovery. I based not only Pandora Snow on myself, but I also based Bailey off myself.
I know what you must be asking; how could you possibly base both the antagonist and protagonist off yourself? That's kind of simple after adding a little insight. I didn't even se…