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My Childhood Superheroes

While looking through a book of 400 writing prompts I came across this. I spoke to a lot of friends about this like Richard, Jane, and my Accountabilibuddies.

I grew up raised by a young superhero generation, so I couldn't write about just one. That would be disrespectful to the others.
I watched Teen Titans, Xiaolin Showdown, and Static Shock on Kids WB on the weekday afternoons and Saturday morning. Teen Titans and Xiaolin Showdown also aired on Cartoon Network. A few years later I started reading the Maximum Ride series. A couple great things about all these casts were a diverse cast members and unique skill sets among the teams.
Teen Titans was one of my favorite shows. I even rewatched it recently. There was a bit of a debate in my head about if I should add Robin or not. He was my least favorite character and he has no powers. I noticed how important he is to the team while rewatching it. He's helped every teammate with personal demons they faced, and the team fell apart…