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Treasured Memories (Flash Fiction for VTaW)

For my Visual Thinking and Writing class I had to write a story to go along with a picture he provided. I came up with the story below based on this picture: 

Treasured Memories
This car has been outside my place for weeks. The car seems to be abandoned or something because I never see anyone walk up to it. The car is dark gray and I'm not sure of the make or model. It looks like it has two front bumpers and four headlights. Every time I bring it up to my husband he doesn't think much of it and he tells me to ignore it. I don't think he understands that because I'm a writer I always have these crazy theories in my head about why this car is always across the street from our house. Maybe I watch too many crime dramas, and the car really is there for no reason other than the owner parked it and hasn't needed it for weeks. Wait, could the owner be dead in their home?
"Alice, please quit thinking about that car. It's just a car parked on the street," my …

Events of the Past Weeks

I'm getting bad at knowing how to start these. There's a lot to say, but I can only think of a little. I've been watching a lot of Mysteries at the Museum, It's an awesome show. I've learned a lot. First, people from the 1800s are sick; some had human skin tanned then made it into souvenirs. Second, the first woman to run for president was Victoria C. Woodhull in 1872. Dogs in the early wars were a useful asset and proved themselves to be life savers. The dogs, before passing away, were awarded medals and given ranks and after passing away, were stuffed to commemorate all that they did. I happen to think that stuff is super cool.
I should inform you that even though I wanted to be featured in the New York Times I took down my GoFundMe account. I thought that I know other people who need more money than I do so I had it deleted.  Since then a marketing consultant from Authorhouse has offered me an opportunity to be featured in Publishers Weekly. According to her I&…