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...Been a While

It's been a while, so I thought it was time maybe for an update.

I'm now in Literary Genre III: Science Fiction and Fantasy. The first Literary Genre class (comedy and tragedy) was the hardest. The month after was Horror, Mystery, and Suspense. It looks like my last post was a poem about my Mom April. I did alright in that class. I got a B. Horror, Mystery, and Suspense was awesome. I worked so hard the first first week and watched so many short films I actually freaked myself out. Haha. It was so embarrassing. XD

Throughout my last two classes I realized that Head Hunters and its sequel is fantasy with aspects of horror and science fiction. That makes me very happy. It was really cool to learn. I also got to finish another short story in a audio story format. It was a new and different style that I really enjoyed writing. I got an A+ in that class.

Not much else has been going on, but I did get to Skype with E. He's looks so grown up and sounds a bit and looks like his fa…