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Interview with Kaylyn Gabbert

This is an interview from my fanpage on facebook, but I felt I should share it here as well because I like every once in a while showing how serious of an author I am on my blog. 
This interview was from (11/30/13), and I emulated the interview with Sherilyn Kenyon from her Dark-Hunter Companion book. 
How did you get started writing?
I got started writing when I was only eleven. I was on my way home from a church retreat with my best friend, and I was getting a little restless in the car. I found a small Winnie the Pooh notebook in my bag and a pen in my bag and came up with a short little story inspired by my favorite holiday, fourth of July, and my role model at the time, my older brother. As time went on and life became a little bleak I would escape into my writing. Writing helped me deal with my life when it was bleak or terrifying. And since I grew up writing, writing is now a huge part of who I am. 
What drove your obsession with the paranormal? Did you watch scary movies as a…

Geeking Out Over Here

So it's no secret that I love everything about Maximum Ride. I own all the books. Every member of the Flock and Ari have helped me learn one thing about myself or another. While I was a kid Max was a hero to me not just for saving the world and such but also because she was fourteen and taking care of five others along with herself. I always felt I could relate to Max for personal reasons.
At this link it explains that Maximum Ride is going to become a Marvel Comic Series character. The first of the series is scheduled to for release next spring. When asked James Patterson said he created the Maximum Ride world when his boy was about five or six years old at the time. He wanted to help get his son into reading. That's one of the reasons he created Max's world. The other reason is a little too hard to describe. I'm so happy that he created this world for his kid. I…

Getting Excited

Okay, so a few things: I chose when I want to try to publish Head Hunters, I found old family members who are really cool, and I'm getting excited to start school (start date: 10/27).
I finished at the end of last month, and I will start editing it when I can take a break from writing Escaping Hell. After I edit the book, Richard will take a look at it then after that Mom will take a look at it. I want to talk to the publisher about my book. I want to know if they love the idea of the book or not, but with Christmas coming there's no way I'll have any extra cash to start publishing it just yet. I've decided I'll start talking to my publisher in January. I just can't wait to start publishing it.
Recently, like about a few weeks ago, I was talking to my dad's Aunt Rita, and she mentioned his cousin Hank, and I remembered him and his family. I asked for the number a few days later, and I'm so happy we've got back in touch. They already knew about how I…