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The Love of my Life

So on Christmas Richard proposed to me with the most beautiful ring I've ever seen. It's a silver ban with a ruby (my birthstone) in it and it's inscribed with my name and the day we got together. I guess he was planning it, but when it happened it seemed to be spur of the moment. I, of course, said yes. I've been madly in love with this man since the beginning. He's always showed me that I am important to him, and I've never once doubted that he loved me and that I was important to him. He is my life and soul. You may think I'm a little young to feel this way, but let me assure you I've had my heart ripped from my chest enough by so called family and friends that when I see real love I know it. Richard and I have been together for almost two years. It'll be years until we get married so we can get the funds, and so we can honor my father's wishes to not marry until I'm at least twenty-five. Richard and I have made it through a lot especiall…

Family is Family, Doesn't Have to be by Blood

So it's already pretty well known I didn't have the best biological family around. I was their black sheep, their scapegoat always. And recently I cut ties with all the bad ones leaving me with my biological sister, brother and one aunt on my dad's side. I don't mind. That's how life works. Plus, this means now I don't have them dragging me down. How could that be a bad thing? But just because I don't have a biological family doesn't mean I don't have a family. I have a pretty big family. It's like even though my dad passed away he made sure people were still looking out for his little girl. Plus, I also grew up around some great people. So let me explain.
When I was eight I met this girl Brandi and her family. I stayed at her house like almost all the time. To me Brandi and I were like sisters. She was, sometimes or most of the time, closer to me than my own sister. And her family practically adopted me. And where my mom failed to push me Brand…

Drag Me to Hell

My book that came out on Feb. 14, 2012 was Drag Me to Hell, and it's been selling pretty good for coming from a new author. 
Here's a little taste of it: "You can't live until you die," she whispered as she stabbed me in the chest. I stared at the wall behind her in utter horror as I started coughing up blood. She pulled the knife out of me as I fell to my knees. She smiled happily while she watched me try to save myself, as I grimly realized that I wasn't going to find any help. She bent over me and whispered, "I'll see you soon enough." so quietly I almost didn't hear her. She fled out my window as I heard one of my roommates walking toward my room. I blacked out as I heard my friend, Fang, open my bedroom door. 
And here are the top reviews for my book: 

5 stars Great book and shouldn't be mistaken for the movie of the same name.
By Richard Chico on December 21, 2013
Format: Hardcover
This is a great book, a nice fantasy with easily accessi…

Characters That Saved My Life

Throughout my life one main thing that kept me alive and safe no matter how bad everything got was characters from books. Seven characters of a bestselling series and characters I have created have helped me keep my sanity.
First, the characters who helped me through all my dark days is the cast of the Maximum Ride; Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy, Angel, and Ari. I learned a lot from each one of these characters. Max taught me bravery and doing everything in my power to save the world. I get my little hero complex from her. Fang taught me not to show fear in the face of danger, so when my life was threatened my assailant(s) never once saw my fear. My tone would turn monotone with no hint of fear. My body language and facial expression were made of stone. No matter what they said my assailants could never provoke me into doing something I'd regret because of Fang. I guess Fang also taught me to think before I act. Iggy taught me that just because we both have physical complications …

About My Passion

So, I'm an author with one book published so far called Drag Me to Hell. I've got two books in the works right now, Escaping Hell (the sequel to Drag Me to Hell) and Head Hunters (a lone book so far). Drag Me to Hell and Escaping Hell are two books in a trilogy inspired by both the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson and by the writing style my older brother had before he stopped writing. It's about this woman, Bailey Fletcher, who wants to start the world anew because she sees the world as a cruel hopeless place after most of the people she loved got no justice when they were murdered. So she's been traveling the world looking for people who are worthy and useful for her new world, and that's where she meets Pandora Snow, the protagonist of the trilogy, who does not share her ideals. The trilogy is about Pandora trying to stop Bailey from achieving her goal and understand why Bailey has such a cynical view of the world. The other book I'm working on, Head H…

Haunted by the Living

So since I moved in with my husband's family my biological family has been trying to get me to talk to Anne, my former grandmother and last person I lived. I don't see why I should talk to her, neither do my in laws and my husband. All my grandmother did was verbally abuse the crap out of me to the point where I had to go to the hospital with a major panic attack at least once a month, so when it came down to it I secretly moved out. I never left my address or any link for her to find me. My mother-in-law, father-in-law, and husband said I shouldn't let her know any of it because she'd only bring me down more. Well... according to my biological family Anne's upset and misses me a lot. And I shouldn't upset her further by not calling her. But I know calling her will only mess me up, so after Anne sent four "family members" to talk to me I opted out by writing a letter. But ever since my little sister told me I should talk to Anne because Anne's ext…

Like a Phoenix

It's me again. So I'm twenty-one years old right now, and I've been living with my fiance and his family for about three months now. I've been thinking about it, and this was the absolute best thing for me to do. I'm so very happy I moved here the way I did. I'm glad I live with such a loving family. There's only good happening since I moved here, although it doesn't all seem good it is. I have to see it all as good because the total honest truth is everything that happened to me once I moved is good, great, fantastic.
Okay, so I didn't grow up with a rainbow and sunshine life, not that many have grown up with that. But I kind of like that people actually thought I had that because to me that meant I was hiding my pain perfectly. At nine years old, the most amazing child was born and introduced to me. He's my little brother, Gazzy (not his real name, but he'll appreciate I called him that). I loved him instantly and felt an overwhelming need …

Here's to Family

I'm a young woman who was raised by my father. My father raised me single-handedly. I mean I had a biological mother and a step-mother. I had siblings blood-related, but now I'm down to one. My dad raised me to be strong and independent woman. One who fought to survive, thrive, and make my dreams come true. He taught me to sacrifice my own happiness to save others or protect the ones you love. I am sweet, caring. I have the habit of complimenting people randomly. I'm thoughtful, loving. I'm determined, and when I want something to happen I'll make it happen. That's part of how my father raised me. Because of how he raised me I get to keep my youngest blood brother. I raised my little brother after all, so as long as I always have his best interest at heart then he will be forever loyal to me.
But after my father passed... I was left wandering between blood-relatives who couldn't care less about me. They abused me. Always hitting my insecurities. Always abusi…

One of the Most Important Lessons

First, if you don't agree please do not comment. This doesn't concern everyone. This concerns the people who grew up in family's like I did.
When I was a little kid, at the age of eight or nine, I didn't understand that when my dad married my step-mom that her son was my brother like my blood sister was my sister. That summer, Dad taught me a very valuable lesson. No matter if the person is blood related to you or related to you by marriage they are your family. You're supposed to be forever loyal to family.
As I grew up I was forever loyal to them. Unfortunately, they were not as loyal to me. I got along with them, and they got along with me as long as Dad was nearby. But when Dad wasn't there they mistreated me. I tried to handle it, but handling stuff like that as a kid is tough. I got advice, but the advice did not always work.
I had another family with my mom as well. We were also not meant to be forever loyal to one another. I was forever loyal to my little …

What Happened to Needing Talent?

Dad and the only real mother figure I had in my life, April, always told their kids that if we were doing something badly that they weren't going to spare our feelings. They would tell us flat out if we were terrible at something. I was scared at first when they said that, but when we saw people on American Idol who couldn't sing... I started to understand. They were saving us from humiliating ourselves in public by making sure we knew what we were bad at and what we were good at. Even after that they told me I was good at writing, so I had no reason to fret. They always gave me constructive criticism. It was great getting the attention, praise, and criticism I needed to succeed in my writing... Because of what they did I have readers nationwide... I wasn't too scared when I published my book because I Knew that I was a great writer, and I constantly get better and build up my strength in writing.
Why am I writing this...? Because our country has no talent hacks in the lime…

For the Man Who Raised Me

There's a lot that I've kept hidden from the world. I've done it my entire life... And for like the past three years I've honestly and openly talked about my dad to like two people. The person I'm with and his amazing mother. Maybe I talked to the person I'm with's family. I remember that when I talked to them about it I'm not as scared because in all honesty, they listen and understand. And there's no undertone of like 'why are we talking about this?' or 'sheesh, you're still talking about him?' I mean why wouldn't I talk about him? He's my father. He raised me. He's the reason I'm this sweet, loving, intelligent woman who has never done anything I completely regret. The reason I told the one I'm with is because he's so sweet about it and gentle. He asks questions about Dad, and he lets me repeat stories about Dad and the family I lost. The person I'm with, Soul, always comforts me when I talk about h…