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Strong Women in Fiction

Recently I started binging Kim Possible again. It was one of my favorite shows growing up. During my three or four day marathon I had business meetings with other creatives, and we- well I was addressing the fact that women (or the news) complain that girls and women don't have enough strong females on TV... This kind of came up when in one of my meetings I mentioned the live action Kim Possible movie coming out. One of the people I was talking to asked why we'd bring back Kim Possible if it had such a small fan base back then. Personally, I think it's because of the complaint that there aren't enough females to look up to.

...But here's the thing... There is no shortage of kickass females if you're willing to open your eyes. A few of them on prime time. In ABC's show American Housewife there's Katie and Anna-Kat Otto. Sadly the older daughter isn't portrayed as the brightest, but I do like Katie and Anna-Kat. Katie isn't afraid to fight against…