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Best Christmas EVER!

This was the best Christmas I've had in four years. We had a great Christmas. At eleven-ish we hung out as a family. Mom and Dad got me a Tali jacket from the Mass Effect games, Richard got me a model Normandy SR-1, Ackhem the Dead Terrorist from Jeff Dunham, a copy of my brother's book he recently finished, and for the first time ever I got to Skype with Twin. She's beautiful with shorter hair than me. My hair is about mid-back length and hers is stops above her eye except on her right side where her bangs hang over her eye. I got five Christmas cards from Aunt Rita, Ethan, Twin, Tim, and Jessicah. I got to talk to Brandi, her family, Hank and Penny, Ethan and his Dad, Tim. All this made my day, my Christmas the best ever. Here are photos of my Christmas:

Tali jacket
My Tali jacket and Richard's Garrus jacket from Mom and Dad
My gift to Richard, a personalized photo album
Marshall's 2DS from the parents
My Normandy
Twin and I. I say Dad (my ghostie Da…

An Intelligent Young Woman

It's been a while, and a lot has happened. I'm done with my second class. Coming up on midnight starting Monday out I start Overview of the Visual Arts Industry. I'm kind of excited. I can't believe I'm almost on my third class. I was really thrilled that Richard helped me with my last two tests in Psychology of Play: which I go a B on the first test he helped me on and an A on the second test he helped me on. I wanted to share my two best presentations with you all.

Kaylyn's Play Personality
Psychology of Play Those are my favorite projects because I used my own photos and my best work into them. Unfortunately, I learned that not everyone is cut out for this school. There are people who second-guess themselves then ask for my creative advice. No offense, but I …

An Outrage

There was an article I read two days ago that appalled me. I couldn't believe that this seventeen-year-old punk kid plagiarized several books to create her own book. The article was called "Author, 17, Says It's 'Mixing,' Not Plagiarism" by Nicholas Kulish. The article says this seventeen-year-old, Helene Hegemann, wrote a book in three weeks, which to me seems to be impossible since you not only have to write an entire book but also you have to do the proper editing. Doing that in three weeks? *scoffs* Yeah right. A blogger discovered she took a whole page from a less-known novel "Strobo" by a person by the name Airen. This girl is supposed to be some sort of genius who wrote a play and a movie; the play had been staged and the movie had been directed and released in theaters.

To me it's just- pisses me off. When I wrote Drag Me to Hell it took me about a year then I set out to publish it. It took me more than that to write Head Hunters. But a…

A Little School, A Little Work

I'm now done with my first class. I did pretty good in Digital Literacy. The class I started yesterday is Psychology of Play. It's definitely an interesting class. I'm almost done with my first weeks' worth of work, and it's only Tuesday. We get Thursday through Sunday off for Thanksgiving break which I greatly appreciate and plan to enjoy. Midnight, just as Monday was beginning I learned I had fifteen assignments to do in a week. Within the first two and a half hours into Monday I completed ten of the fifteen assignments and got my first A+ on a test. After a good night's sleep I worked on three more assignments, one of them being a test. I completed said assignments and got a B on the test. I've learned so much already. I've learned about the activity resource list (all the resources they shared that we can use on projects) and when it's appropriate to use those resources. I also learned when the best times to talk to my instructor are and when…

Digital Literacy Vision

I'm now at the end of my Digital Literacy class, and I want to share one of my assignments on my blog. In my first week I had to decide if I was a Digital Native (someone who can adapt to the digital world well) or a Digital Immigrant (someone who can't adapt to the digital world as well, like they have problems with the terminology or something), and create a new term for what I am. I had seen myself as what I called a Digital Sovereign (a hybrid of the two). I had said that because I like to keep a balance between the digital world and the physical world. I love using technology to learn, but I also love reading paper books. I love typing my stories, but if the power's out I don't mind going back to pen and paper.
Today's assignment is to do a reflection from the first week's assignment until now. I've learned a lot since class started. I've learned about the Ten Cs that help you see if a site is reliable or unreliable, and I've also learned abou…

It's Been Awhile

I've been in school for almost two full weeks now, and I've been doing a great job. I've got ten A+s so far, and I've only got ten assignments graded so far. I'd have to say I've been doing a great job. I'm learning so much such as time management, but also I've learned new techniques about doing research online. New tools. New techniques. I learned about the ten Cs that help you find the differences between reliable and unreliable. My most recent assignment I did for school was researching a company I highly respect. So Microsoft. I needed to make a presentation saying why I chose the company, find four articles about the company (two from a school resource and two from one of my usual search engines). After finding the articles I had to evaluate and tell if I thought they were credible. I picked Microsoft because it's got the best products, they help disabled people communicate and navigate, and my father used to work there. I may lose like betwee…

Interview with Kaylyn Gabbert

This is an interview from my fanpage on facebook, but I felt I should share it here as well because I like every once in a while showing how serious of an author I am on my blog. 
This interview was from (11/30/13), and I emulated the interview with Sherilyn Kenyon from her Dark-Hunter Companion book. 
How did you get started writing?
I got started writing when I was only eleven. I was on my way home from a church retreat with my best friend, and I was getting a little restless in the car. I found a small Winnie the Pooh notebook in my bag and a pen in my bag and came up with a short little story inspired by my favorite holiday, fourth of July, and my role model at the time, my older brother. As time went on and life became a little bleak I would escape into my writing. Writing helped me deal with my life when it was bleak or terrifying. And since I grew up writing, writing is now a huge part of who I am. 
What drove your obsession with the paranormal? Did you watch scary movies as a…

Geeking Out Over Here

So it's no secret that I love everything about Maximum Ride. I own all the books. Every member of the Flock and Ari have helped me learn one thing about myself or another. While I was a kid Max was a hero to me not just for saving the world and such but also because she was fourteen and taking care of five others along with herself. I always felt I could relate to Max for personal reasons.
At this link it explains that Maximum Ride is going to become a Marvel Comic Series character. The first of the series is scheduled to for release next spring. When asked James Patterson said he created the Maximum Ride world when his boy was about five or six years old at the time. He wanted to help get his son into reading. That's one of the reasons he created Max's world. The other reason is a little too hard to describe. I'm so happy that he created this world for his kid. I…

Getting Excited

Okay, so a few things: I chose when I want to try to publish Head Hunters, I found old family members who are really cool, and I'm getting excited to start school (start date: 10/27).
I finished at the end of last month, and I will start editing it when I can take a break from writing Escaping Hell. After I edit the book, Richard will take a look at it then after that Mom will take a look at it. I want to talk to the publisher about my book. I want to know if they love the idea of the book or not, but with Christmas coming there's no way I'll have any extra cash to start publishing it just yet. I've decided I'll start talking to my publisher in January. I just can't wait to start publishing it.
Recently, like about a few weeks ago, I was talking to my dad's Aunt Rita, and she mentioned his cousin Hank, and I remembered him and his family. I asked for the number a few days later, and I'm so happy we've got back in touch. They already knew about how I…

So Much for Break

Today-like fifteen minutes ago- I got a call from my publisher, Authorhouse. They helped me through publishing Drag Me to Hell, and I'm going to go to them to publish Head Hunters as well as finish the Hell trilogy with them. Anyway, so they think that my book would be a great television show because "Your book has everything Hollywood wants- an exciting plot, well-developed characters, and fresh content..." I can't believe they called me or that they think my book is TV worthy. I never in my life would have thought that my ideas and stories would catch Hollywood's attention like that. In fact, all I ever wanted to do is just write books, but what's the harm in listening to the next step which is TV/movies. I've heard from not only publishers but my family as well that they can see my writing as a movie in their head. I just never believed it would happen so soon. I'll keep you guys up-to-date on this subject. I just am so dazed and stunned. It feels …

A Break for the Hard-Working

I heard from the school and as promised I will keep you up to date. All my documents are in, but the Judgement Committee was unable to get to my file. Since I have no financial aid yet I can't start. I'll be starting next month on the 27th. This gives me a month to take a break. Get some serious damage done in Mass Effect 2 if not finish it. I'll be able to play guitar. Get my Twin's gift ready. I'm basically a free woman until school starts.
While I'm waiting for school to start I don't have to pay any fees for changing the start date since the only reason my start date was changed was because of the Judgement Committee. I may jist have to sign a few more papers.
I do like the idea of taking a break for my hobbies and Annaise. I get to play with her anytime I want. I get to practice guitar any time as long as it's not too late on a school night. I get to work on Escaping Hell when I want. I may start editing Head Hunters. Who knows. I guess I'm jus…


Sooooooooo I finished Head Hunters last night. Super proud of myself here. Head Hunters is eighty-four chapters long with an epilogue at the end. It turned out to be 356 pages, and when I checked it in book pages it was 568 pages long. That would be the longest book I've written so far. Then again I've only written one book before, and it was only 112 pages. Now to edit.
I'm so proud I finished this book even though it took me two whole years or a little more. But who cares? I wrote the book! I created thirty-one characters for this book. I have fifty-four pages or more of notes that aren't attached to characters. I've created six playlists for the book to help me with characters that weren't Angel Shudo. The main team has like over ten pages of info about them each. My plot makes sense. My characters are very relatable.Richard and Mom are very proud of what I've written and both volunteered to proofread for me. :D I'm so excited, Mom posted, "woo h…

Antagonists of Fiction: Bailey Fletcher from the Hell Series

Dear Author: 
We antagonists, villains, bad guys, femme fatales- call us what you will- don't get no respect. We're overlooked, underdeveloped and squeezed into a space that would cramp your gerbil. When we get short shirft, your books aren't nearly as good as they could be. They lack tension and depth. They're forgettable. Not that I'm pointing fingers, but I've got to tell you it's your fault. Who was given pages and pages of backstory in your last novel? That's right- The protagonist. Whose motives and character were fully fleshed out? Right again- the so-called "good" guys. Who did you "interview" and construct a character bible for? Yeah, him again. Well, I don't mind getting second billing, but I to point out that if you gave readers a chance to truly know and understand me, your books would be a lot more memorable and engaging. We might even get a movie deal, like my idol, Hannibal Lecter. 

Sincerely, Eva N. Carnate 

Eva …

More From A Writer's Mind: Escaping Hell

A couple days ago I wrote an intense scene that ended in a death scene in Escaping Hell. It was really tough because I felt exactly like Pandora did in that scene. There was a break-in and everything in her apartment was destroyed. She knew the intruder was in her place still. As Pandora went farther in the apartment even my heart felt heavy. But I think it helps that I have empathy for my characters because that means I can write more convincing scenes that people can play out in their heads, like Mom does. It's funny I dragged out writing that scene for like forty-five minutes because it's easy to write a death scene for a nameless, faceless character but to kill a big character from my first book who just happens to be a guy I no longer like or associate with... It's a little harder. I did write it with no problem though. It sent chills up Mom's, Richard's, and my spine though.
Speaking of empathy for characters and that making them better I recently found out t…

News from Me: Awaiting News as Well

So I got my first tattoo yesterday. I went down to Queens, NY and got my tattoo done by a great tattoo artist. He said this was a great first tattoo because it's meaningful. The tattoo hurt a little, but I knew this was important to me. I didn't cry or complain. To me it just felt like bee stings. I'm so proud and happy with this tattoo. My family and friends love it as well. I hope my father would like it. The tattoo isn't done yet. I have three more names and feathers as well. I will add them month by month I believe. Here are some pictures of my tattoo.

Recently I've been working on Escaping Hell as well. Almost every time I go out these days and listen to my music I am inspired to write another scene in Escaping Hell. I know I should finish Head Hunters first because it's so close to being done, but as an author I have learned if you're inspired to write something just work on that before the inspiration is lost. After all, that's the only way you…

The Most Amazing Mom Ever

So in all honesty I've always wanted a mom. A real mom. One who loves and supports me. One who knows things about me. Definition of a real mom (according to me): a woman who takes time to talk to you, support and encourage you, a woman who knows who you are and what you like. The most important thing in my mind is that they show they care about you even when you piss them off. The closest thing I ever had to a real mom was April. She was my stepmom, and she knew me since I was one. She might not have been the best to me, but she was the best I had for a while. April would make time for me, know who I was and what I liked which is more than I can say for my biological mother. Even though April abused the beejesus out of me and threatened me on occasion she was still the best I had for a while. Ms. Kalea was an amazing mom in my life too. She taught me discipline, she cared about what I did, and what I liked as well. She was amazing. But my dream for a real mom wasn't answered u…

Inspiration Lost -^-------v--^-^v-v----------------------

Inspiration lost. Time of death. *checks watch* 1:40AM. So sad. *places Inspiration's hands together gently on her chest as a tear slides down my cheek* :p I don't know what it is, but these days I cannot get inspired to write even though I would love to finish Head Hunters. I'm like three or four chapters away from finishing it. I'm so close these days yet so far away, and it kinda kills me. Sometimes when I can't write I feel like I let Mom and Richard down. I mean they love my writing so much. So I feel kinda bad sometimes. But what's weird is I usually get inspired by movies and such, and lately that's just not happening. I don't mind taking breaks from writing, but if the break's forever that is going to kinda bug me. I mean I am an author. Not someone who wants to be one and doesn't have the heart to succeed. When I want to succeed I will! ...
*BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!* Good news everyone! I got my inspiration back thanks to Mom. Well…

Writing Secrets

I have discovered a writing secret lately, and I'm very impressed with this one. When I started writing when I was eleven it was just for fun. As I got older writing became a solace for me. But now writing is a hobby/work. It's- I can't decide I think it's both. I love writing. Creating worlds. Creating characters. All of it is so fun. Plus, since I write scifi it's so much more fun than having such a mundane life. I love making powerful female protagonists because they can always do things I can't. But at the same time writing is so much work because as the author I have to remember every little detail or risk being a crappy author... Like I love the Maximum Ride series, but it seemed like James Patterson forgot that the Flock got more powers in The Final Warning because that was never mentioned again. As an author I think it's important to bring up important details like that again. That's why it's so much harder to write Escaping Hell, and that&#…

Tough Decisions

Everyone needs to make tough decisions in their life, and however they make their decision defines who they are as a person. There are two decisions I have to make that will define me as a person starting school in September and saving a child from a dangerous situation.
If I start school this September it'll show hard-working I am and how willing I am to get my degree. I've wanted to go to Full Sail for years now, and now I may have a shot to get in. I know it's pretty expensive, but this seems like the best program for me. With the Full Sail program I have one class a month. I love that because that means I still have time to play with Annaise while still getting my homework done on time. It's not too stressful. Plus, the best things in life don't come easy or cheap. I should know because publishing my first book wasn't cheap or easy but it sure was rewarding. I've been doing everything I can to get in. I filled out the paperwork, I'm getting the docu…

About my Dad

Okay, so I've been thinking a lot about my Dad lately... And I've been missing him a heck of a lot too. So I've- I thought maybe if I write about him it will help. For those of you who don't know I lost my Dad when I was seventeen. He passed away from a heart attack. He was a great man who raised great, intelligent kids. Keith Gabbert, my father, passed away on April 10, 2010. I miss him. From time to time small stuff reminds me of him. Like there was this cake Richard showed me today that was shaped like a butt taking a turd (the turds were so obviously just frosting but I digress), and it made me think of Dad because that's something he would have showed me. I just know it.
As an adult at the age of twenty-two I think a lot about my future. I think about school, my writing career, what it will be like to be married, where Richard and I will be living, and what it will be like to have kids (and the rules Richard and I will have for them). When I think about all as…

Can Not Be Duplicated

So my birthday was July 17th, last Thursday. I was spoiled my my fiance, Richard. He took me to the city. Before my birthday Richard bought me a necklace, a personalized Shutterfly book, a bracelet, a shawl, and a baseball hat that I really loved. While we were in the city we went to see Earth to Echo (which I loved). Richard bought me candy, a journal, nail polish (colors: Scarlett O'Hara (red) and Go Overboard (blue-green)), white out (because I asked). We went to Jackson Hole, a lovely burger joint with the biggest and best burgers around, and I got my ears re-pierced finally (I used to have my ears pierced when I was twelve, but the holes closed up).  On my birthday I got lovely birthday wishes from friends and family, a card from my biological mother... My sister, Jessicah, had bought me this amazing personalized journal with a photo of my father and I on it. Its this old photo... from when I was one(?)-year-old in it. It's one of my favorite photos of my dad. Jessicah ev…

Another Secret from Head Hunters Revealed

I discovered something as I started getting inspired to write more to Head Hunters. As I've been writing I've discovered that even though Angel's mom is not the best and sold her out frequently all the other mother characters like Taralyn, Clarissa, and Cassadee love Angel and are proud of her. Clarissa only has a son and Cassadee has five sons, but both women would have loved to have a daughter. Clarissa wasn't in the book much because of reasons you'll find out when you read it. Cassadee has been been one of Angel's neighbors for like ever. She watched Angel grow since she was a baby and fell in love with how amazing this young woman is. Taralyn has two daughters and a son, but that doesn't stop her from admiring Angel the way she admires her own children. Both Taralyn and Cassadee love helping Angel raise to her true potential. More importantly. they love and admire how Angel has always kept a cool mind and always thought of others. In a book like Head H…

My Near Future Plans

How do I start this one? Well, let's start off by saying this is about my upcoming tattoos, Head Hunters, my journalism dream, and schooling. I still don't know if I'll be able to get my tattoo this month or next; it really depends on the price. But if Richard agrees I'm going to get a piece a month of the tattoo on my right arm. Richard said it's plausible because tattoos usually heal in two weeks. Of course the first part is of course going to be In loving Memory for Dad (plus, I lost him first) then the next two are for two nieces I lost when they were so very young, and the final piece for now is for a high school friend I lost only a couple years after I graduated. From there I don't know when I'll start getting my second tattoo done. My second tattoo is a dream catcher with my Dad's initials in a heart in the middle surrounded by the initials of my family in it. Richard designed it already, and three feathers are cascading down from the dream catc…

Secret Dream

There's a secret people don't know about me, including most of the people closest to me. I want to be a journalist for a magazine. Not instead of being an author. I want to be able to do both, in all honesty. When I was in high school I actually tried creating my own magazine even though it only had like four or five articles in it. It was more of a personal project for me than anything. I did show one of my articles to the school's principal. He seemed to like it enough even if he didn't want to believe my article was true. It's not that my article was bad; it's just at the end of the day people believe what they want to believe, and you can't change their opinions.
When I try write articles I try to present all the facts and present both sides of the story regardless of my feelings about the story. I have like seven copies of the same article. I think it's funny because when I was actually in a journalism class when I was thirteen I couldn't care …

Self-Discovery: The Characters I Create

So I've been doing a lot of creative writing assignments lately, and one of my assignments was; "Sum up your most important reason for writing in a single word. Every time you sit down to write, put this word at the top of your page." The word I chose was sanity because for as long as I can remember my writing has kept me from losing my mind. Now here I am working on yet another assignment while listening to music, and now I remember that my whole life my two solaces have always been writing and listening to music. Music helps me reach that creative part of my brain. It also helps me fight my demons. So this brings me to the very obvious conclusion that I am Angel Shudo from Head Hunters.  I mean I'm like the music nymph of our world. I write to embellish my talents; that's why I created both Pandora Snow and Angel Shudo because they are both able to protect themselves with music wave abilities. That's how I protect myself from my demons. I use music waves ju…