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Thirteen Reasons Why

About a week and a half ago, I got five books from Full Sail University to prepare me for Children's Entertainment. I got The Writer's Guide to Crafting Stories for Children by: Nancy Lamb, Sideways Stories from Wayside School by: Louis Sachar, The Giver by: Lois Lowry, Speak by: Laurie Halse Anderson, and Thirteen Reasons Why by: Jay Asher. The only book I read before was Thirteen Reasons Why. I read it while I was in high school. I don't remember my feelings from reading it back then, but I know it captivated me. That was like eight years ago. I found myself rereading it when I got .
For those of you who don't know what the book's about... Hannah Baker is a high school student who killed herself. She left behind seven cassette tapes blaming thirteen people for pushing her over the edge. The tapes have to be mailed to each people in the list or... bad things happen. You're reading it from one of the people she blame's points of view.
I'm like half way …

Over the past few weeks

Last month's class was Transmedia. I had no idea what it was before I started. Transmedia is a story told across a few to several mediums. Like how the Star Wars universe has movies, comics, and cartoons. I was put in a group where we were supposed to create a transmedia story from a public domain story. It was very stressful especially when our first group leader had medical problems that made him drop the class. Another student stepped up to be the leader, and I was second-in-command. Even though the class was hard our team did a great job. We got a B+. And I met a really cool person through it.
We created our Transmedia story surrounding the Robin Hood Story. If you would like to check it out you can here Operation: Reward Rob Now . I want to thank my friend who provided me with the link.

Now I'm in Introduction to TV Writing. The goal is to write a spec script for a show currently on TV. We were given seven options: Big Bang Theory, New Girl, Modern Family, Brooklyn Nine-N…