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Going to BURST here!

So much happened within one day. Oh my God! So much information. I heard from my publishing consultant, had a therapy appointment, talked to a senior marketing consultant from AuthorHouse about Head Hunters, and I got annoying comments on a school assignment. I also made a GoFundMe page as well. 
Now... I was getting worried about Head Hunters publishing status because I hadn't heard from my AuthorHouse associate, Laura in a while. So since I felt there was a miscommunication I contacted my first consultant, Amber because she's so helpful and always calls in a timely matter. As it turned out Laura had been out of the office sick for a week. She had seen my email with the book modifications for Head Hunters. When she sent the book to the designers she sent me an email to let me know. While I'm talking about AuthorHouse I should mention a senior marketing consultant, Will called me to let me know about an amazing and rare opportunity to be mentioned in the New York Times, If …


This week was pretty good. Nothing too eventful happened until I received a letter from my brother Ethan. I haven't seen him in a few years due to lack of funds, and although the letter was short it was nice to hear from him and get a school picture of him as well.

I also got to talk to him for a while which was pretty cool too. I talked to his mom for a while, and it was pretty awesome. I say that because I realized that she can't hurt me anymore, and I think that's great. Not that the conversation went too bad. But it's nice to know I can survive a conversation with jerks without hurt feelings or anything. I believe that means I'm maturing. 
So have you guys ever seen those horror movies where someone gets possessed by a spirit, demon, or whatever. Well that's how I felt today. It wasn't bad or anything, but I did feel possessed. I was possessed by two of my characters from Head Hunters. I was looking at these pictures on of animals and their paren…


So I've been looking for my favorite childhood book lately. I've looked (with help) in six different spots. Still haven't found the book, but I have found some memories; some good, some bad. I found old letters from jerks in my past, letters and a lullaby from Richard back when I lived in Cali, some pictures from my dad, and some old doodles of mine. I wanted to share some of what I found with you guys.

This is a poem my stepmom, April wrote back in 2007/2008.

A painting my brother, Brad painted for my birthday. 

An assignment my brother, E wrote about me in 2012. 
The poem says; 
"Don't you know, that you glow, 
From head to toe, 
Like the brightest shining star?

Your smile lights the room,
Bringing sunshine to gloom,
Everywhere you go.

Your spirit is stronger
Than you give credit to,
Your common response
To any request
is "most definitely, can do"

You are an amazing girl,
Don't you know?
Our lives would be dark,
Like the most dreary day,
Without your endless glow.

You …

Kaylyn's Secret...

So I have a lot to say and a lot to get off my chest. Ready to hear something really weird and personal about me? I was going to ask my fiance about if I should post this, but I realized it is my choice. And only my choice. So... Here's the secret... I write to my characters sometimes when I need to get stuff off my chest. Since I don't have a lot of friends it helps sometimes. It may sound weird, but my characters are individuals. And better than some people I know. Anyway, I write to two characters from my Hell trilogy; Pandora and Bailey, and I write to nine Head Hunters characters; Angel, Cassandra, Hayden, Celeste, Cayden, Daniya, Aria, Taralyn, and Cassadee. Sometimes I wish I had more real people to talk to, but this works for me. I've been writing to them a lot lately.
Recently, I wrote to Cassadee, a mom from Head Hunters. She's a psychologist and a caring, loving mother. When I wrote to her I wrote seventeen pages. I was- am lonely. I don't have a lot of…