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Glamour: Random Acts of Courage

Once again a Glamour article inspired me to want to write another blog post. This one is from the August 2017 issue. This is just for the month unlike one of the other blog posts inspired by Glamour that were in every issue for a while. Cindi Leivi, Glamour's editor-in-chief, started us off by bringing up risks she's not ready for, but as she thought about it she how she has taken risks though. (For those of you who follow people on Twitter you can find Cindi Leivi at @cindi_leivi ) On the page after, seven women talk about the biggest risks they've ever taken.
Some of the risks mentioned are writing a letter to the owner of Ms. magazine. (Cindi Leivi) The owner of the magazine didn't take the bait. Haha. Other risks from the other women included starting a YouTube channel, visiting Paris with her best friend when she was sixteen-years-old, and moving to New York with next to no money.
In Cindi Leivi's page she wrote that, "We all get wherever we are in life w…

Achievement Unlocked: Promise Kept


When I was seventeen my dad was giving me a ride home from somewhere that I can't remember. I don't know what he and I were talking about originally, but the conversation shifted to people's personalities and marriage. He started to tell me about how people change as they grow. He asked me if I was the same as I was two years ago, and I replied no. He said people change over two year periods all the time until you're about twenty-five years old when you've kind of figured out who you are. So on this car ride when we were on our street and almost home he made me promise that I would not get married until I was twenty-five.
Even though Dad passed away in 2010 I was determined to keep the promise. In 2012, I met Richard online. Our relationship went from messaging each other on a writing website to texting in one day. We texted and then lost touch for like a week or two. I texted him and we reconnected. By April 21, 2012 we were officia…