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Developing New Worlds and News

Developing New Worlds has been my absolute favorite class, and now that I'm officially done with the class I wanted to write about everything I learned in class. The teacher was very cool and understanding. In my first week of the class I made a HUGE mistake, one that the teacher had never seen before. Instead of filling out the research sheet I was supposed to I wrote a research paper. The teacher could have given me a zero, but instead he saw that I had learned something throughout the week, so he gave me points for the assignment anyway. 
Throughout the class we were working on one story world of ours that meant a lot to us. The class had notes that would help us with research, discussions about some of our characters, and research "papers". We would discuss characters and how the location and the time period of the story shaped our characters. We also got a free for all week as well where we got to talk about special details about the story. For the last week we had t…