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So Much for Break

Today-like fifteen minutes ago- I got a call from my publisher, Authorhouse. They helped me through publishing Drag Me to Hell, and I'm going to go to them to publish Head Hunters as well as finish the Hell trilogy with them. Anyway, so they think that my book would be a great television show because "Your book has everything Hollywood wants- an exciting plot, well-developed characters, and fresh content..." I can't believe they called me or that they think my book is TV worthy. I never in my life would have thought that my ideas and stories would catch Hollywood's attention like that. In fact, all I ever wanted to do is just write books, but what's the harm in listening to the next step which is TV/movies. I've heard from not only publishers but my family as well that they can see my writing as a movie in their head. I just never believed it would happen so soon. I'll keep you guys up-to-date on this subject. I just am so dazed and stunned. It feels …

A Break for the Hard-Working

I heard from the school and as promised I will keep you up to date. All my documents are in, but the Judgement Committee was unable to get to my file. Since I have no financial aid yet I can't start. I'll be starting next month on the 27th. This gives me a month to take a break. Get some serious damage done in Mass Effect 2 if not finish it. I'll be able to play guitar. Get my Twin's gift ready. I'm basically a free woman until school starts.
While I'm waiting for school to start I don't have to pay any fees for changing the start date since the only reason my start date was changed was because of the Judgement Committee. I may jist have to sign a few more papers.
I do like the idea of taking a break for my hobbies and Annaise. I get to play with her anytime I want. I get to practice guitar any time as long as it's not too late on a school night. I get to work on Escaping Hell when I want. I may start editing Head Hunters. Who knows. I guess I'm jus…


Sooooooooo I finished Head Hunters last night. Super proud of myself here. Head Hunters is eighty-four chapters long with an epilogue at the end. It turned out to be 356 pages, and when I checked it in book pages it was 568 pages long. That would be the longest book I've written so far. Then again I've only written one book before, and it was only 112 pages. Now to edit.
I'm so proud I finished this book even though it took me two whole years or a little more. But who cares? I wrote the book! I created thirty-one characters for this book. I have fifty-four pages or more of notes that aren't attached to characters. I've created six playlists for the book to help me with characters that weren't Angel Shudo. The main team has like over ten pages of info about them each. My plot makes sense. My characters are very relatable.Richard and Mom are very proud of what I've written and both volunteered to proofread for me. :D I'm so excited, Mom posted, "woo h…

Antagonists of Fiction: Bailey Fletcher from the Hell Series

Dear Author: 
We antagonists, villains, bad guys, femme fatales- call us what you will- don't get no respect. We're overlooked, underdeveloped and squeezed into a space that would cramp your gerbil. When we get short shirft, your books aren't nearly as good as they could be. They lack tension and depth. They're forgettable. Not that I'm pointing fingers, but I've got to tell you it's your fault. Who was given pages and pages of backstory in your last novel? That's right- The protagonist. Whose motives and character were fully fleshed out? Right again- the so-called "good" guys. Who did you "interview" and construct a character bible for? Yeah, him again. Well, I don't mind getting second billing, but I to point out that if you gave readers a chance to truly know and understand me, your books would be a lot more memorable and engaging. We might even get a movie deal, like my idol, Hannibal Lecter. 

Sincerely, Eva N. Carnate 

Eva …

More From A Writer's Mind: Escaping Hell

A couple days ago I wrote an intense scene that ended in a death scene in Escaping Hell. It was really tough because I felt exactly like Pandora did in that scene. There was a break-in and everything in her apartment was destroyed. She knew the intruder was in her place still. As Pandora went farther in the apartment even my heart felt heavy. But I think it helps that I have empathy for my characters because that means I can write more convincing scenes that people can play out in their heads, like Mom does. It's funny I dragged out writing that scene for like forty-five minutes because it's easy to write a death scene for a nameless, faceless character but to kill a big character from my first book who just happens to be a guy I no longer like or associate with... It's a little harder. I did write it with no problem though. It sent chills up Mom's, Richard's, and my spine though.
Speaking of empathy for characters and that making them better I recently found out t…

News from Me: Awaiting News as Well

So I got my first tattoo yesterday. I went down to Queens, NY and got my tattoo done by a great tattoo artist. He said this was a great first tattoo because it's meaningful. The tattoo hurt a little, but I knew this was important to me. I didn't cry or complain. To me it just felt like bee stings. I'm so proud and happy with this tattoo. My family and friends love it as well. I hope my father would like it. The tattoo isn't done yet. I have three more names and feathers as well. I will add them month by month I believe. Here are some pictures of my tattoo.

Recently I've been working on Escaping Hell as well. Almost every time I go out these days and listen to my music I am inspired to write another scene in Escaping Hell. I know I should finish Head Hunters first because it's so close to being done, but as an author I have learned if you're inspired to write something just work on that before the inspiration is lost. After all, that's the only way you…