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The Author I Want to be

Okay. So I found out something that sucks about the author of my absolute favorite series. He has people ghost write for him. Here's the way I think about it, the way I've always thought about it, and the way I will always think about it. If it's MY work, it's going to have MY name on it. I don't care how many books I get out a year. I care that what is shown to be written by me is my own original work. I was raised by a father who taught me to take great pride in my work and have dignity. I should always be proud of my work, but at the same time I should always do my best to better myself until I'm the best Kaylyn I can be.
James Patterson, the author of my favorite series Maximum Ride, has ghost writers write for him. He writes the premise and writes a paragraph for each chapter in the book. The other name on the book probably does most of the work. To be honest, that disappoints me. I can't help it. I think all authors should write their own shit.
I gues…

A Spill Out

So I haven't written here in a while. It's time for what I call a spill out. Everything on my mind now prepare to be dumped out. Sooo... where to begin.
So I'm an author, and I realized that I don't write a lot about my creativity and my stories here. Maybe it's time to start doing that. So where I do start? So I'm working on a book called Head Hunters, and I've been throwing my whole life into this book. I've written 264 pages, and I have over 150 pages of notes for the book. When I talk to people about it they love the idea. They want to read more. Head Hunters is a story following the life of the music nymph Angel Shudo who attends Veldime Point, a boarding school for the supernatural. When her powers finally come in a threat looms over her. When a home-schooled student Cassandra Atwater sneaks on the campus to warn her everything is turned upside down for her and her friends. As it turns out poachers who refer to themselves as Head Hunters are after…