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Authors I Look Up To

I don't know how to start this... A few days ago I took a survey for Full Sail University. In the survey they asked if there is anyone I look up to in my "field of work". I look up to J.K. Rowling and Sherrliyn Kenyon because they put so much work and dedication into their work. J.K. Rowling is mentioned in the news a lot.

Recent article: Dumbledore Death Theory

Things like this make me happy because that means that even though the Harry Potter books ended that doesn't mean she stopped thinking about the characters or the fans. She listens to the fans theories and lets them know what she thinks about them. I want to be an author like that. 
Then there's Sherrilyn Kenyon. She has a whole website dedicated to her work. 
Her website:

As you can see on her website there's information about her, her book series, her characters, latest news, gallery, stores, resources, community, and a countdown to when her next book comes out. I'…

Blast from the Past

Today is the day that I think I'm ready to listen to my family's one summer band Trebbag. I have barely been able to listen to it since Dad passed away. Dad plays guitar in every song. April sings most of the songs. Dad and I wrote a song together. Jessicah and Dad wrote a song together. I found both CDs, and now I'm ready to put them on Richard's and my Zune. And one song Dad wrote when he was a kid is also on one of the CDs.  A little background that I do remember. Dad had the idea for this band one summer. I think all of us kids were a little resistant to it at first, but we liked it eventually. Dad's song that he wrote when he was a kid is named 'Who Will Cry'. On your way up the stairs in the last house we all lived in together the lyrics were framed hanging on the wall by the bottom of the stairs. Dad and I wrote a song called 'Let Me Be Me'. I was so nervous both writing and singing it. Jessicah and Dad also wrote a song called 'Rock N'…