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Writing Challenge #5

Recently as I was scrolling through Facebook I came across possible a Writers Write page talking about possible blog posts. I'm treating it as a writing challenge to keep the juices flowing. So I may be posting more on my blog and the posts may seem a little out there.

This post comes from day eight of the challenge. 

Favorite Facebook Pages Friends’ pages: ·Tatiana’s page: she’s very informed and posts job openings ·Adam: he has an amazing writing style that I love ·Mom (Evette): I love getting to know more about her Writing pages: ·Writers Write: it gives me advice and prompts to think about as well as helps me learn more vocabulary words ·Jeff Gions: his advice may not always be helpful to me, but I love reading about new ideas ·David V. Mammina: I met him and got to interview him, so I like seeing what’s new ·Tony Graff: his book was really interesting, I got to meet him years ago Celebrity pages: ·George Takei: his page shares his thoughts on several world issues, and since he’s be…