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My Success for Head Hunters (So Far)

I was able to get ten paperback copies of Head Hunters and twenty ebook copies (cards come with a code that give you a free ebook copy). I also got a hundred business cards, bookmarks, and postcards. So far I sold/gave seven copies away of the paperbacks and two copies of the ebooks. I have sixty-nine business cards left, and I have six business cards in my wallet in case I can hand them out. I have eighty-eight bookmarks, and I have ninety-three postcards left. From what I know only two people have started reading. One of the people liked it, and the other person didn't like it. I don't know if anyone else started reading it yet. Here are some pictures of some people with their copies.

And now that I'm on summer break for a week I'm probably going to write more to the sequel, Fight for Equality. I really like this cast of characters. So far I've written from sixteen or seventeen points of view in the second book. They started a blog, and whenever someone from the …

Lot Going On

I found an old story of mine that I was actually proud of. Post on my Facebook about me rereading the story (6/24/15): "Just read one of my old stories... It was pretty good. I could have finished it, or I could rewrite it using the same basic idea... I mean... I couldn't finish it from where it is now because three characters mentioned in the twelve pages aren't in my life anymore. I can't remember one person mentioned in it at all, and the other two (even though I have no regrets knowing them in the past) I don't know what I saw in them as friends. What I love about the story is it's a "What If?" story. What if I lived with my father my whole life? What if some of the people who see me as a sister (and vice versa) were really related to me? Stuff like that. I mean I love my life, but it was cool to think about. Plus I got to reminisce about my best room setup in my whole life.
heart emoticon I loved it.  — feeling unknown."
My best bedroom setup …

What a Wonderful Day!

So over the past week I was able to go to BookCon in Manhattan. I always loved it there because you get to see new and old books, you get to meet authors, and some of the books are on sale. Richard and I got thirteen books while we were there. Five were given to us as a gift. We adopted another five books that were abandoned, and we bought three books. I even met a self-published author who was really cool. I bought five of his stories in just two books. The author is David V. Mammina. We talked about how he went to a few Cons, but when you're trying to sell dark fantasy books BookCon is definitely the place to be. He gave me a deal on the second one. I had to finish reading Maximum Ride Forever by James Patterson before I could start reading any book from BookCon. I just finished Maximum Ride Forever last night. I will only say one thing in case fans of the series are reading this post. Dylan earned my respect. Just today I started the Redeem the Knight Trilogy, and even though I…