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De -Stressing

Over the past month I've been overly stressed, so I thought it's time to take some time for myself. Since I like writing so much I thought it'd be therapeutic to write a blog post. I already told you guys about my PTSD attacks and how they were playing with my CP causing me to have the worst spasms of my life. I was able to talk to my doctor, and I've been doing better.
But  there has been other things that have been bugging this month. Like I'm an online student at Full Sail, and I'm in an English Composition II class. It's easily been my hardest class. I feel like I've been doing well on the assignments, but then I'd get horrible grades on them. I'm  an A/B student, and it looks like I may get a D/F. And that terrifies me. There are options I can do depending on how my grade looks at the end of class, but it's still scary. And stressful beyond belief. I think my instructor is being a little unfair. She wouldn't tell me what I did wrong…

Now Available for Purchase!

So I'm sorry I didn't tell you guys on Wednesday (5/20/15) that Head Hunters is out. It's available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Also I will getting promotional materials for my book including postcards, bookmarks, and business cards. I will be getting the author copy soon like within a week or two, and I'll get some copies to sell and the promotional materials in about two-three weeks. There are some people in my life who will be getting a copy free because they have been amazingly supportive of me and my work including Mom, Aileen, Ethan, Matt, and Penny (all family and close friends). Then I will have a few copies left to sell. ^-^ Here's the cover:

Here are the links where you can buy Head Hunters depending on your store preference:  AuthorHouse: Head Hunters Amazon: Head Hunters Barnes and Noble: Head Hunters
A little about Head Hunters: This tale follows a music nymph and her friends learning to be themselves and facing the deadly Head Hunters (poachers of sup…

One Tough Cookie

After the past few weeks I think it's time to post another post. So much has happened. I've been doing alright in school. Haha. Okay. So much has happened in the past week. Or week in a half. I saw Age of Ultron last Tuesday with Richard and a friend. I'm not going to post anything about the movie. There was a feeling the movie gave me. Made me think about some of my regrets and worst fears. That same day I was watching an episode of Iron Man: Armored Adventures. In a season two episode Tony must endure his past which is when he believed his father passed. All those feels felt like they touched my soul to the very core. That night I had horrible nightmares, and no matter how hard I tried I did not want to get up. Richard had to bribe me with coffee and hand me Annaise. Annaise perked me right up. The problem with getting touched with feels like that is that it made me think of all my worst fears like failing my family and friends. It made me think that if I had to "en…