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Not Hostess Ready...

I worked on this over the weekend. I hope you like it.

Over the week I've only had to play hostess twice. It's been a weird adjustment. On Wednesday, our brother Marshall came over for a few hours. I felt the need to offer him food or a drink, but most of the food we have takes time to prepare. I offered him drinks, but he had to get it... Oops.

Then Eric came over Friday. He brought supplies we needed that are cheaper where he is. It felt, as lame as it may sound, like a suburban house mom checking on her grown kids. I fuckin' loved it. But since we've only lived here a month we don't have much furniture. So I wondered where he'd sleep. He brought his pillow and borrowed a blanket. He curled up in a corner. He actually surprised us with making us our favorite dinner. I want to cook for him, but Eric planned to cook Saturday's dinner.
In other news when he got here and got set up I gave him the Wi-Fi password. We got him a little desk in the corner. He caugh…