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Comic-con/Sweating Bullets

So on Friday, I went to Comic-con with Richard, Eric, and Dad. I dressed as Maka Albarn from Soul Eater, and Richard was dressed as Big Boss from Metal Gear 3. Everyone we ran into was very nice. I got pictures with Toph and Ty Lee (from Avatar), Deadpool, Peridot (from Steven Universe), Scarlet Witch, and female Hades and Ursala. Richard got pictures with Peridot and Punisher. People wanted pictures of me, and people wanted pictures of and with Richard, including the press. Cool, right? ^-^ And everyone of us got cool stuff. I got seven books like Enter the Institute, Fairlaine the Goblin, The Silver Age of Comic Book Art, The Creators 1 and 2, First Law of Mad Science 1, and short stories from the Mad Science word. I got four Pop vinyls; Spike and Willow (from Buffy), Slade/Deathstroke, and Rapunzel that came with a tiny little Pascal vinyl. I got a crochet goblin complete with satchel and tree, and Richard bought me a Cataur plush from Final Fantasy. I also got a Tali'Zorah por…