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Best Christmas EVER!

This was the best Christmas I've had in four years. We had a great Christmas. At eleven-ish we hung out as a family. Mom and Dad got me a Tali jacket from the Mass Effect games, Richard got me a model Normandy SR-1, Ackhem the Dead Terrorist from Jeff Dunham, a copy of my brother's book he recently finished, and for the first time ever I got to Skype with Twin. She's beautiful with shorter hair than me. My hair is about mid-back length and hers is stops above her eye except on her right side where her bangs hang over her eye. I got five Christmas cards from Aunt Rita, Ethan, Twin, Tim, and Jessicah. I got to talk to Brandi, her family, Hank and Penny, Ethan and his Dad, Tim. All this made my day, my Christmas the best ever. Here are photos of my Christmas:

Tali jacket
My Tali jacket and Richard's Garrus jacket from Mom and Dad
My gift to Richard, a personalized photo album
Marshall's 2DS from the parents
My Normandy
Twin and I. I say Dad (my ghostie Da…

An Intelligent Young Woman

It's been a while, and a lot has happened. I'm done with my second class. Coming up on midnight starting Monday out I start Overview of the Visual Arts Industry. I'm kind of excited. I can't believe I'm almost on my third class. I was really thrilled that Richard helped me with my last two tests in Psychology of Play: which I go a B on the first test he helped me on and an A on the second test he helped me on. I wanted to share my two best presentations with you all.

Kaylyn's Play Personality
Psychology of Play Those are my favorite projects because I used my own photos and my best work into them. Unfortunately, I learned that not everyone is cut out for this school. There are people who second-guess themselves then ask for my creative advice. No offense, but I …