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An Open Letter to my Parents

Dear all of my parents,

Parents to me teach their children what they need to know through traditional and non-traditional ways. Parents always mean to teach their children some stuff while accidentally teaching us other things.

This was inspired by the song "Keep Your Eyes Open" by NEEDTOBREATE.
Here's the video I got it from, but you should know that I love AMV (anime music videos). This is only so you know what song was on my mind when I wrote this. Keep Your Eyes Open

I know we haven't always seen eye to eye, and maybe we haven't talked in a while maybe even years. But this is a thank you. There is no pressure to speak to me from this post.

So as of right now I'm a student enrolled at Full Sail University going for my bachelors degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment. The degree I'm going for doesn't usually help novelists like me, but I've learned a lot that can help what I like to write. I've made friends and networks that can help …

Thirteen Reasons Why

About a week and a half ago, I got five books from Full Sail University to prepare me for Children's Entertainment. I got The Writer's Guide to Crafting Stories for Children by: Nancy Lamb, Sideways Stories from Wayside School by: Louis Sachar, The Giver by: Lois Lowry, Speak by: Laurie Halse Anderson, and Thirteen Reasons Why by: Jay Asher. The only book I read before was Thirteen Reasons Why. I read it while I was in high school. I don't remember my feelings from reading it back then, but I know it captivated me. That was like eight years ago. I found myself rereading it when I got .
For those of you who don't know what the book's about... Hannah Baker is a high school student who killed herself. She left behind seven cassette tapes blaming thirteen people for pushing her over the edge. The tapes have to be mailed to each people in the list or... bad things happen. You're reading it from one of the people she blame's points of view.
I'm like half way …

Over the past few weeks

Last month's class was Transmedia. I had no idea what it was before I started. Transmedia is a story told across a few to several mediums. Like how the Star Wars universe has movies, comics, and cartoons. I was put in a group where we were supposed to create a transmedia story from a public domain story. It was very stressful especially when our first group leader had medical problems that made him drop the class. Another student stepped up to be the leader, and I was second-in-command. Even though the class was hard our team did a great job. We got a B+. And I met a really cool person through it.
We created our Transmedia story surrounding the Robin Hood Story. If you would like to check it out you can here Operation: Reward Rob Now . I want to thank my friend who provided me with the link.

Now I'm in Introduction to TV Writing. The goal is to write a spec script for a show currently on TV. We were given seven options: Big Bang Theory, New Girl, Modern Family, Brooklyn Nine-N…

Writing Challenge #5

Recently as I was scrolling through Facebook I came across possible a Writers Write page talking about possible blog posts. I'm treating it as a writing challenge to keep the juices flowing. So I may be posting more on my blog and the posts may seem a little out there.

This post comes from day eight of the challenge. 

Favorite Facebook Pages Friends’ pages: ·Tatiana’s page: she’s very informed and posts job openings ·Adam: he has an amazing writing style that I love ·Mom (Evette): I love getting to know more about her Writing pages: ·Writers Write: it gives me advice and prompts to think about as well as helps me learn more vocabulary words ·Jeff Gions: his advice may not always be helpful to me, but I love reading about new ideas ·David V. Mammina: I met him and got to interview him, so I like seeing what’s new ·Tony Graff: his book was really interesting, I got to meet him years ago Celebrity pages: ·George Takei: his page shares his thoughts on several world issues, and since he’s be…

The Time Machines

So throughout my twenty-four years of of life I never thought I had a lot of experiences. That kind of changed when I talk to Richard about some of my memories. It's then that I realized that I've done a lot and experienced a lot.
I've always had a love for music, but every time I get a new music device I kind of let the others fall to the back burner. I still have every music device since I got my first mp3. Recently I revived my ipod and my very first mp3. I'm listening to my first mp3 while I write this.
Music has been a huge part of my life for as far back as I can remember. It's helped me keep sane when I was in unsavory mindset or situation. As I got older I was usually seen with head phones in my ears or a pair of head phones wrapped loosely around my neck.

As with everyone certain songs and certain artists remind me of certain people or an event. With my mp3 I'm mostly reminded of living in Washington and hanging out with a family friend in her room. I …

...Been a While

It's been a while, so I thought it was time maybe for an update.

I'm now in Literary Genre III: Science Fiction and Fantasy. The first Literary Genre class (comedy and tragedy) was the hardest. The month after was Horror, Mystery, and Suspense. It looks like my last post was a poem about my Mom April. I did alright in that class. I got a B. Horror, Mystery, and Suspense was awesome. I worked so hard the first first week and watched so many short films I actually freaked myself out. Haha. It was so embarrassing. XD

Throughout my last two classes I realized that Head Hunters and its sequel is fantasy with aspects of horror and science fiction. That makes me very happy. It was really cool to learn. I also got to finish another short story in a audio story format. It was a new and different style that I really enjoyed writing. I got an A+ in that class.

Not much else has been going on, but I did get to Skype with E. He's looks so grown up and sounds a bit and looks like his fa…

My Pastiche Poem

I am now in Literary Genre 1: Comedy and Tragedy. I was supposed to write a pastiche poem. A pastiche poem as explained by my instructor is copying the same number of words per line of a poem you had to read. We were assigned to read 'My Father's Love' by Yusef Komunyakaa. If you would like to read it here's the link My Father's Love.
I had no idea what to write at first, but after Skyping with Debra yesterday and talking about our families I chose to write about April. I'll share the paragraph I wrote to get the the idea and the poem itself. The paragraph and poem are slightly different because the paragraph had too many words. I hope everyone likes it. Please tell me what you think.

Grateful for Mom Although you never gave birth to me You always treated me like I was your own You were never afraid to tell me how it was or be there to give me advice You’d butt heads with me with no fear You’d tell me when I’d hurt my father’s feelings You taught me what I neede…

My Possible Futures.

Last week, I was approached by one of my classmates about helping them. I thought it was really cool because I've never been approached about that. Debra came to me after seeing some of my posts in a Facebook group from one of our past classes. The group is called DNW Super Club, and people post relatable and inspirational posts. We started talking and Skyped last week and really hit it off. We really hit it off and been talking since. When she talked to me about it it made my day. ^-^ Debra and I are in the same class, so it's cool we can help each other. I'm glad we can help each other and share our experiences. Debra's the best at getting all that she can out of school and sharing it with others. I'm glad to have met her. :)
Today in therapy, I was talking a bit about what I learned about women in other countries and cultures. I brought up that women in other cultures have it a shit ton harder than American women. But no matter who you are someone always has it…

Wonderful Anniversary

Not everything always goes the way you expect or want it to. But sometimes when plans don't work out you can find some good in it. Yesterday was my four year anniversary with Richard. We went to the city to go to Midtown Comics. It was our whole reason to go to the city. First we went to the wrong one (the one with no elevator).
On our way to the right one we found the Hard Rock Cafe and got a coupon for a free appetizer (expires at the end of the year). We also found a shop called Book Off. It sells books, CDs, DVDs, games for all consoles, figurines from animes, games, and such, and so much more. We didn't get anything there, but it's nice to know the place exists. Richard was telling Mom last night that Book Off has imports and exports. Then we found the first Barnes and Noble I've seen since I moved here. Got a journal and two POP Vinyls from there: Rocket Raccoon and classic Mikey from TMNT. So when we finally get to the right Midtown we find out the elevator is b…

Novel Over Script

I'm in Scriptwriting Techniques this month. For the most part I'm taking notes. There's been two tests, and I've had to write one script. For the most part my grades in this class are good. But all the note taking has taught me one thing... I definitely love writing novels way more than I like writing scripts. Scripts lack detail which I love to write. I love writing a world people can see in their head.
When I was starting the publishing process for 'Drag Me to Hell' back in 2011 some of the people I was working with at Authorhouse said they saw my work as a movie in their head while they read the manuscript. It makes me happy and feel like a great story teller. They told me about Pitch Fest which is how authors pitch their ideas to producers, actors, and more. At first I was just financially unable to look into this further. But as I got older and showed interest in going to Full Sail University for my bachelor's in creative writing I found out I wanted t…

Developing New Worlds and News

Developing New Worlds has been my absolute favorite class, and now that I'm officially done with the class I wanted to write about everything I learned in class. The teacher was very cool and understanding. In my first week of the class I made a HUGE mistake, one that the teacher had never seen before. Instead of filling out the research sheet I was supposed to I wrote a research paper. The teacher could have given me a zero, but instead he saw that I had learned something throughout the week, so he gave me points for the assignment anyway. 
Throughout the class we were working on one story world of ours that meant a lot to us. The class had notes that would help us with research, discussions about some of our characters, and research "papers". We would discuss characters and how the location and the time period of the story shaped our characters. We also got a free for all week as well where we got to talk about special details about the story. For the last week we had t…