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All My OVAI Tests

I got all my tests in OVAI graded now. I already shared my answers and teacher's response. I got a B+ on my first test, A on my second test, A+ on my third, and a B+ on my last test. 

These are some questions from the second test that I want to share. 

3. Research an individual that you want to hire to work on your project. (ie. Producer, Director, DP, Artist, Inker, Penciller). They must be alive today. Explain who they are and why you want to work with them on this specific project in 5-7 sentences. - Researched citation needs to be listed below in the last question. 

My answer: "I have been working with a artist on this project, and I would like to continue working with him. His name is Richard Chico, and when he puts his mind to it he can be a fabulous artist. I told him I wanted him to do the cover to Head Hunters without any details of what I wanted the cover to look like. He made a perfect cover with his own creativity. He knows exactly how the words are going to be like …

As an Author I Can't Not Post This

I care a lot about the characters I create. When I see certain Facebook posts I could see it as something my characters would like to share. Like this Facebook post I found today.

From Animal Facts page ( ) :

Tiger birth:

After a gestation period of 16 weeks (about 3.5 months), a tiger gives birth to a live litter, usually comprising three or four cubs. However, litters of up to seven cubs have been known to occur, although they seldom all survive. 

In anticipation of her birth, the pregnant mother will prepare a den that is in a secluded spot; protected from other predators and from bad weather. These spots are often in crevices, caves, dense grasses or even in the hollow of a large tree and usually provide a mat of soft grass or leaves on which she can give birth.

If you want to to see the full post. Go here:
I added, &quo…

End of OVAI

I finished my OVAI class today. Today I finished up my last assignment that was simply current event articles. I also got to finish season one of The Librarians with Richard and Eric, our brother. It took us three days to finish the first season. And I heard from my cousin that she got the autographed copy of Drag Me to Hell and my letter. According to Penny (the cousin I sent the book to) when she opened it she had tears in her eyes, and there's a line of people who want to read it but of course, she'll be the first one to read it. Also she said a new roommate at her house saw the book, and he was impressed. When I told her I was confused why he was impressed she said that it is rare for the average person to know an author much less to be related to one. She told me she'll be reading it tonight.

Here's a picture of the Drag Me to Hell cover: 

If you would like you can buy this book at the AuthorHouse website, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and (the ebay website).

Head Hunters Pitch for OVAI

I'm a little nervous about my video pitch for Head Hunters. I have to do a video pitch for my fourth week in OVAI. My teacher gave all the students a few extra days to work on this project. I'll probably put the video on YouTube or something. If I'm proud enough of the project I'll share the link on my Facebook account and on here. Please don't mind me I'll be posting answers from my pre-production test for help on my video... Lalalalala... I'm doing this for Head Hunters.

3. Type of camera I'm using: Surface Pro webcam
4. Location of video and why: Stairwell in the apartment building because it's quiet and has better lighting than my room
5. What I will wear during the video: I will either being wearing blue jeans with an All Time Low belt with a hot pink shirt with winged-hearts on it and chain designs on it and cut up sleeves. I will also be wearing two silver bracelets I inherited from my father. I picked these clothes because this is what Angel, m…

First OVAI Test: Pitch

I finally got graded on my first OVAI test, and I got a B+. You guys wouldn't care about the first three questions. 

4. Write an ORIGINAL summary of your project in 150-250 words. My answer (189 words): 

"Head Hunters is about a world where humans aren't the main top species; there are also music nymphs, angels, were-creatures, and witches. You know humans though if they see something that they can't understand they either want to kill it or study it. You start following a young music nymph at Veldime Point, a boarding school for the supernatural, whose powers are dormant. When this young music nymph, Angel's powers kick in they kick in with hard. As she goes to tell her friends how powerful she is she's stopped by a young woman who tells her about these poachers called Head Hunters. Head Hunters poach supernatural beings for their pelt, wings, or blood. With this news Angel and her friends’ lives are turned upside-down when they come face-to-face with the Head …

My Test is Breaking Me

So I'm guessing you read my last blog entry... Well, I'm taking my test for the right now. All those demographics for the target audience I actually have to use. A little unfair but oh well. The first and second question weren't hard in the slightest which is probably why both questions are worth 0 points each. I chose to talk about my book Head Hunters in every test in this class so here's question three. 

Explain the target market for your project in 3-5 sentences. 

In all honesty I was stumped and a little frustrated. Here's the list of the demographics and psychographics I had to choose from: 

agelocation genderincome leveleducation level marital or family statusoccupation ethnic background  personalityattitudes valuesinterests/hobbieslifestyles behaviors So after some thinking here was my response: 

"This is a hard one for me because I don't believe that's it's fair to be so close-minded to potential audience members. I guess the target audience I…

What I Know

So here I am week three of Overview of Visual Arts Industries, and I'm learning about publicity and marketing. Holy Hell, are they trying to pinpoint a target audience or what? *scoffs* So I'm on the fourth assignment even though it's only early morning Monday. I'm reading a slideshow for the notes. I'm learning target market and when looking at a target market you "must": 

look at your current customer base check your competition analyze your productI agree with the above. The below is where it gets tricky and annoying. 

4. choose specific demographic to target

age locationgender income leveleducation level marital or family statusoccupationethnic background5. consider the psychographics of your target

personality attitudes values interests/hobbieslifestyles behaviors And there was another that's not as relevant to this entry. But anyway, take it from an ex-nomad. There are people from all walks of life. You can't base everything off such closed-mind…

Update from the Author/Student

Where to begin? Where to begin? There's so much to say about everything. Hmmm... Let's begin with school. I'm in Overview of the Visual Arts (OVAI). I finished my second week of work just yesterday. I'm getting the hang of it now. The first week was about creative writing (my favorite). I learned about a lot. And one of the lessons was actually relevant to my work, who knew. But more on that later. The second week was about the film industry/independent media creator industry. My favorite thing about these last two week is that the tests have asked about my work with Head Hunters. It's so cool. The first test asked for a summary (my best summary for the book so far if I do say so myself), asked for a few sentences on two of my main characters (so I picked Angel Shudo: my protagonist; and Cassandra Atwater: the herald (person who starts the hero on their journey)), and it asked for a few sentences on what the conflict was. The second test asked what artist I would l…