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Wonderful Anniversary

Not everything always goes the way you expect or want it to. But sometimes when plans don't work out you can find some good in it. Yesterday was my four year anniversary with Richard. We went to the city to go to Midtown Comics. It was our whole reason to go to the city. First we went to the wrong one (the one with no elevator).
On our way to the right one we found the Hard Rock Cafe and got a coupon for a free appetizer (expires at the end of the year). We also found a shop called Book Off. It sells books, CDs, DVDs, games for all consoles, figurines from animes, games, and such, and so much more. We didn't get anything there, but it's nice to know the place exists. Richard was telling Mom last night that Book Off has imports and exports. Then we found the first Barnes and Noble I've seen since I moved here. Got a journal and two POP Vinyls from there: Rocket Raccoon and classic Mikey from TMNT. So when we finally get to the right Midtown we find out the elevator is b…

Novel Over Script

I'm in Scriptwriting Techniques this month. For the most part I'm taking notes. There's been two tests, and I've had to write one script. For the most part my grades in this class are good. But all the note taking has taught me one thing... I definitely love writing novels way more than I like writing scripts. Scripts lack detail which I love to write. I love writing a world people can see in their head.
When I was starting the publishing process for 'Drag Me to Hell' back in 2011 some of the people I was working with at Authorhouse said they saw my work as a movie in their head while they read the manuscript. It makes me happy and feel like a great story teller. They told me about Pitch Fest which is how authors pitch their ideas to producers, actors, and more. At first I was just financially unable to look into this further. But as I got older and showed interest in going to Full Sail University for my bachelor's in creative writing I found out I wanted t…