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How My Writing has Been Going

So I know that months ago I was talking a lot about working on Escaping Hell and Fight for Equality. But lately I've been taking a break from them. It's hard to work on Escaping Hell when my thoughts and feelings have changed since I've grown. I'll still work on it eventually. I haven't been actively working on Fight for Equality either. But when I see an article or a set of notes that makes me think of one of my characters I collect them.
So last month I was in Writing Workshop II: TV. It was a tough class with a strict teacher. Because of all the rumors I heard from staff, alumni, and current students I was so terrified. I hadn't done well in the first TV writing class; in fact, I had to retake the class. So due to all the pent up fear as soon as I let the teacher know I was worried and I wanted to do my best. The teacher helped me out and I was feeling good. I wasn't doing great, but I was doing my best. I passed the class... Barely. I'm grateful fo…