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My 2015 Break

Just after break started I finished Black Widow Forever Red by Margaret Stohl. Through the whole book I was on the edge of my seat. I would totally recommend it for anyone who loves the Marvel movies or the Marvel universe in general. The book follows three people; Natasha Romanoff, Ava Orlova, and Alex Manor. I ended up loving them. Some of the Avengers make an appearance. Also one of the best villains I've read about in a long time, Ivan Somodorov, was the main antagonist. He really knew how to mess with people's heads, stay off everyone's radar, and knew how to not get caught. He was so good in fact that I had to add him to my Inspiration Dossier under 'Villains I Admire' (more on that later on.) There were twists and turns that nobody saw coming. It was great. I read A Semi-Charming Kind of Life by Suzanne Selfors in about three or four days. I could barely put it down. The book is part of the Ever After High universe. It's vastly different from Black Widow…

My Inspiration Dossier

I've always thought that I was the one who got down on myself. Didn't think highly of myself. I mean at one of my weakest moments I would think that I didn't deserve family or friends who truly cared about me. Something about the way people treated me as I grew up. I've been in and out of therapy for years. One of my therapists gave me a simple assignment years ago. If you're feeling down on yourself write at least five good things about yourself. If you are struggling about thinking about those good traits of yours you can always ask a family member or friend for help. And doing that assignment till I moved to New York where I had a family who loved me for me, flaws and all really helped.
Anyway, I bring this up because I didn't know until recently that I wasn't the only one who doesn't always see how cool I am. I recently noticed how other people sometimes forget how awesome they are. I actually told a few of my family and friends they were in my Insp…

Comic-con/Sweating Bullets

So on Friday, I went to Comic-con with Richard, Eric, and Dad. I dressed as Maka Albarn from Soul Eater, and Richard was dressed as Big Boss from Metal Gear 3. Everyone we ran into was very nice. I got pictures with Toph and Ty Lee (from Avatar), Deadpool, Peridot (from Steven Universe), Scarlet Witch, and female Hades and Ursala. Richard got pictures with Peridot and Punisher. People wanted pictures of me, and people wanted pictures of and with Richard, including the press. Cool, right? ^-^ And everyone of us got cool stuff. I got seven books like Enter the Institute, Fairlaine the Goblin, The Silver Age of Comic Book Art, The Creators 1 and 2, First Law of Mad Science 1, and short stories from the Mad Science word. I got four Pop vinyls; Spike and Willow (from Buffy), Slade/Deathstroke, and Rapunzel that came with a tiny little Pascal vinyl. I got a crochet goblin complete with satchel and tree, and Richard bought me a Cataur plush from Final Fantasy. I also got a Tali'Zorah por…

Authors I Look Up To

I don't know how to start this... A few days ago I took a survey for Full Sail University. In the survey they asked if there is anyone I look up to in my "field of work". I look up to J.K. Rowling and Sherrliyn Kenyon because they put so much work and dedication into their work. J.K. Rowling is mentioned in the news a lot.

Recent article: Dumbledore Death Theory

Things like this make me happy because that means that even though the Harry Potter books ended that doesn't mean she stopped thinking about the characters or the fans. She listens to the fans theories and lets them know what she thinks about them. I want to be an author like that. 
Then there's Sherrilyn Kenyon. She has a whole website dedicated to her work. 
Her website:

As you can see on her website there's information about her, her book series, her characters, latest news, gallery, stores, resources, community, and a countdown to when her next book comes out. I'…

Blast from the Past

Today is the day that I think I'm ready to listen to my family's one summer band Trebbag. I have barely been able to listen to it since Dad passed away. Dad plays guitar in every song. April sings most of the songs. Dad and I wrote a song together. Jessicah and Dad wrote a song together. I found both CDs, and now I'm ready to put them on Richard's and my Zune. And one song Dad wrote when he was a kid is also on one of the CDs.  A little background that I do remember. Dad had the idea for this band one summer. I think all of us kids were a little resistant to it at first, but we liked it eventually. Dad's song that he wrote when he was a kid is named 'Who Will Cry'. On your way up the stairs in the last house we all lived in together the lyrics were framed hanging on the wall by the bottom of the stairs. Dad and I wrote a song called 'Let Me Be Me'. I was so nervous both writing and singing it. Jessicah and Dad also wrote a song called 'Rock N'…

10 Most Influential Men in My Life

To be honest women aren't the only people who changed my life. Quite a few men in my life have shaped and sculpted who I am today. So here are the top ten men/boys who have changed or influenced my life.

Keith Gabbert (my father): Dad never let me hold myself back just because I have CP. He always taught me the power of working my ass off to get what I want. He also taught me never to dumb myself down for anyone. I have two favorite lessons from him: one, "broaden your horizons" (he pretty much said that for everything); and two, you got to do everything in your power to protect yourself and your loved ones. Tim Barnes (brother's dad and father figure): Ever since I met him he's been great to me. He's helped me with everything he could. He helped me with homework and learning how not to stress too much. He's always been there for me. When I told him I wanted to publish a book he encouraged me and gave me great advice. "If you write a trilogy no one wi…

10 Women Who Changed My Life

Every month when I read my issues of Glamour I see an article about the ten women who've changed someone's life. So I've felt that it's my turn at it.

April Gabbert (my old stepmother): She was my first strong female role model. I've known her since I was two until I was seventeen, I believe. She taught me things I needed to know about growing up and getting passed my CP with pure determination. She and I may not have always seen eye-to-eye, but she impressed me every day. She was/is a wonderful artist and still a strong woman. Ms. Kalea (best friend's mom and family friend): I've known her since I was eight years old. Like April she was a strong woman I've always looked up to. She's a strict but fair mother figure. She always called me on my shit and taught me valuable lessons. Christine Beistsch (my first boss): I was nineteen when I met her, and when I found out she had two jobs and started a volunteer program to help Californians I was in awe. Sh…

Birthday Fun and More

Yesterday was my birthday, and I had a wonderful day. Richard, Eric, and I went to the city to celebrate. Our first stop was Midtown Comics. We didn't know if there was an elevator at first for my wheelchair, so Richard went up to get some comics I wanted. Then Eric and I found the elevator and went up and surprised Richard. Instead of getting $12-$18 we ended up spending a lot more because we all geeked out there. Richard and Eric got something, and I got more something. We had a nice lunch out at Panera,Then we went to see Antman which was great. After that places were closing and such so we headed home. But it was super fun, I had a lot of great birthday wishes from friends and family.

This is some of what we got yesterday. As you can see most of it is from Midtown Comics. I also got cards from Adam and Jane. The card pictured is from my Aunt Rita. I got a necklace and Zune HD from Richard. I got money from Adam, I got six Digimon finger puppets from Jessicah. The Digimon I hav…

Not Everything is so Black and White...

Yesterday my sister, Jessicah, called and let me know Jason (one of our brothers) went into surgery for a ripped esophagus. He is stable now and will be on a feeding tube for seven to ten days. The doctors think he'll be alright. Now I have not talked to Jason in years, but I was concerned and worried. I didn't know how to react for about the first hour after hearing the news. All I knew is I want Jason to be okay. Please make sure everything turns out alright for him and his family. That's all I've been thinking through the night. And that's continuing through my thoughts now as well. His mother (my stepmother) April has breast cancer, and has almost beat it from the updates I've read on her GoFundMe page. The last time I talked to April and Jason was in 2011. And as much as I am wishing them well I have no desire to call them for I have nothing of value to say. When I get worried about that side of my family I "pray" to my father to watch over them.…

Another Interview with Kaylyn Gabbert

Not everyone will understand this, but while I was meditating it felt like my Dad came to me and interviewed me like professionals will do when I publish more books. Questions my Dad was asking:
1.What got you into writing?  ·I initially started writing out of boredom on a long car ride home from a camping trip. Then as I grew older writing became an escape from the mundane life and tough situation. It was my best outlet. 2.How many notebooks do you think you have?  ·*laughs* I have way too many notebooks. I could probably fill a bookcase or two with all the notebooks I have. 3.Why do your main characters have a scar on their left thumb?  ·My protagonists have a scar on their left thumb because I have a scar on my left thumb.  4.How'd you get the scar on your thumb?  ·I- The best way to describe it is it’s been there as long as I can remember. At some point I scratched it as a nervous habit and I haven’t stopped since. 5.Why do your protagonists all have music based powers so far?  ·Musi…

My Success for Head Hunters (So Far)

I was able to get ten paperback copies of Head Hunters and twenty ebook copies (cards come with a code that give you a free ebook copy). I also got a hundred business cards, bookmarks, and postcards. So far I sold/gave seven copies away of the paperbacks and two copies of the ebooks. I have sixty-nine business cards left, and I have six business cards in my wallet in case I can hand them out. I have eighty-eight bookmarks, and I have ninety-three postcards left. From what I know only two people have started reading. One of the people liked it, and the other person didn't like it. I don't know if anyone else started reading it yet. Here are some pictures of some people with their copies.

And now that I'm on summer break for a week I'm probably going to write more to the sequel, Fight for Equality. I really like this cast of characters. So far I've written from sixteen or seventeen points of view in the second book. They started a blog, and whenever someone from the …

Lot Going On

I found an old story of mine that I was actually proud of. Post on my Facebook about me rereading the story (6/24/15): "Just read one of my old stories... It was pretty good. I could have finished it, or I could rewrite it using the same basic idea... I mean... I couldn't finish it from where it is now because three characters mentioned in the twelve pages aren't in my life anymore. I can't remember one person mentioned in it at all, and the other two (even though I have no regrets knowing them in the past) I don't know what I saw in them as friends. What I love about the story is it's a "What If?" story. What if I lived with my father my whole life? What if some of the people who see me as a sister (and vice versa) were really related to me? Stuff like that. I mean I love my life, but it was cool to think about. Plus I got to reminisce about my best room setup in my whole life.
heart emoticon I loved it.  — feeling unknown."
My best bedroom setup …

What a Wonderful Day!

So over the past week I was able to go to BookCon in Manhattan. I always loved it there because you get to see new and old books, you get to meet authors, and some of the books are on sale. Richard and I got thirteen books while we were there. Five were given to us as a gift. We adopted another five books that were abandoned, and we bought three books. I even met a self-published author who was really cool. I bought five of his stories in just two books. The author is David V. Mammina. We talked about how he went to a few Cons, but when you're trying to sell dark fantasy books BookCon is definitely the place to be. He gave me a deal on the second one. I had to finish reading Maximum Ride Forever by James Patterson before I could start reading any book from BookCon. I just finished Maximum Ride Forever last night. I will only say one thing in case fans of the series are reading this post. Dylan earned my respect. Just today I started the Redeem the Knight Trilogy, and even though I…

De -Stressing

Over the past month I've been overly stressed, so I thought it's time to take some time for myself. Since I like writing so much I thought it'd be therapeutic to write a blog post. I already told you guys about my PTSD attacks and how they were playing with my CP causing me to have the worst spasms of my life. I was able to talk to my doctor, and I've been doing better.
But  there has been other things that have been bugging this month. Like I'm an online student at Full Sail, and I'm in an English Composition II class. It's easily been my hardest class. I feel like I've been doing well on the assignments, but then I'd get horrible grades on them. I'm  an A/B student, and it looks like I may get a D/F. And that terrifies me. There are options I can do depending on how my grade looks at the end of class, but it's still scary. And stressful beyond belief. I think my instructor is being a little unfair. She wouldn't tell me what I did wrong…

Now Available for Purchase!

So I'm sorry I didn't tell you guys on Wednesday (5/20/15) that Head Hunters is out. It's available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Also I will getting promotional materials for my book including postcards, bookmarks, and business cards. I will be getting the author copy soon like within a week or two, and I'll get some copies to sell and the promotional materials in about two-three weeks. There are some people in my life who will be getting a copy free because they have been amazingly supportive of me and my work including Mom, Aileen, Ethan, Matt, and Penny (all family and close friends). Then I will have a few copies left to sell. ^-^ Here's the cover:

Here are the links where you can buy Head Hunters depending on your store preference:  AuthorHouse: Head Hunters Amazon: Head Hunters Barnes and Noble: Head Hunters
A little about Head Hunters: This tale follows a music nymph and her friends learning to be themselves and facing the deadly Head Hunters (poachers of sup…

One Tough Cookie

After the past few weeks I think it's time to post another post. So much has happened. I've been doing alright in school. Haha. Okay. So much has happened in the past week. Or week in a half. I saw Age of Ultron last Tuesday with Richard and a friend. I'm not going to post anything about the movie. There was a feeling the movie gave me. Made me think about some of my regrets and worst fears. That same day I was watching an episode of Iron Man: Armored Adventures. In a season two episode Tony must endure his past which is when he believed his father passed. All those feels felt like they touched my soul to the very core. That night I had horrible nightmares, and no matter how hard I tried I did not want to get up. Richard had to bribe me with coffee and hand me Annaise. Annaise perked me right up. The problem with getting touched with feels like that is that it made me think of all my worst fears like failing my family and friends. It made me think that if I had to "en…

Treasured Memories (Flash Fiction for VTaW)

For my Visual Thinking and Writing class I had to write a story to go along with a picture he provided. I came up with the story below based on this picture: 

Treasured Memories
This car has been outside my place for weeks. The car seems to be abandoned or something because I never see anyone walk up to it. The car is dark gray and I'm not sure of the make or model. It looks like it has two front bumpers and four headlights. Every time I bring it up to my husband he doesn't think much of it and he tells me to ignore it. I don't think he understands that because I'm a writer I always have these crazy theories in my head about why this car is always across the street from our house. Maybe I watch too many crime dramas, and the car really is there for no reason other than the owner parked it and hasn't needed it for weeks. Wait, could the owner be dead in their home?
"Alice, please quit thinking about that car. It's just a car parked on the street," my …

Events of the Past Weeks

I'm getting bad at knowing how to start these. There's a lot to say, but I can only think of a little. I've been watching a lot of Mysteries at the Museum, It's an awesome show. I've learned a lot. First, people from the 1800s are sick; some had human skin tanned then made it into souvenirs. Second, the first woman to run for president was Victoria C. Woodhull in 1872. Dogs in the early wars were a useful asset and proved themselves to be life savers. The dogs, before passing away, were awarded medals and given ranks and after passing away, were stuffed to commemorate all that they did. I happen to think that stuff is super cool.
I should inform you that even though I wanted to be featured in the New York Times I took down my GoFundMe account. I thought that I know other people who need more money than I do so I had it deleted.  Since then a marketing consultant from Authorhouse has offered me an opportunity to be featured in Publishers Weekly. According to her I&…

Going to BURST here!

So much happened within one day. Oh my God! So much information. I heard from my publishing consultant, had a therapy appointment, talked to a senior marketing consultant from AuthorHouse about Head Hunters, and I got annoying comments on a school assignment. I also made a GoFundMe page as well. 
Now... I was getting worried about Head Hunters publishing status because I hadn't heard from my AuthorHouse associate, Laura in a while. So since I felt there was a miscommunication I contacted my first consultant, Amber because she's so helpful and always calls in a timely matter. As it turned out Laura had been out of the office sick for a week. She had seen my email with the book modifications for Head Hunters. When she sent the book to the designers she sent me an email to let me know. While I'm talking about AuthorHouse I should mention a senior marketing consultant, Will called me to let me know about an amazing and rare opportunity to be mentioned in the New York Times, If …