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Jane and I have getting along better this year. At the beginning of this month Richard and I saw Coco. It's a great movie about how a boy ends up going to the spirit world on Dia de les Muertos (the Day of the Dead). The movie made Richard and I cry a lot. The movie highlights the importance of family and passing on stories about those who have passed on. The movie had me wondering about my Grandpa Gabbert, who passed away before I was born. I also thought about Dad and my Uncle Harold. My Aunt Rita loves to tell stories about her husband. They had a wonderful marriage. One of her favorite stories to tell me was how they'd talk every night with no distractions. It made both Richard and I were both curious about our relatives.
The next day I emailed the most knowledgeable people in my family; Grandma Sally, Aunt Rita, and Jane. I also put up a status asking for memories tagging Uncey Jeff, Jason, Aunt Rita, and Jess. I've also reconnected a bit with Uncy Jeff and Jason this…

What I've Loved the Most about my Writing so Far

Almost a week a ago, I was surprised when some of my friends, Andrea, out of the blue asked me about about my favorite writing accomplishment was. I answered publishing Drag Me to Hell and learning more about marketing myself. I also love being about to talk to people about writing. I asked why she was asking about it and she said it was Full Sail University class. I don't remember an assignment like that. I felt weird about how the conversation went from there. So I'll write it here.
What I love about my writing so far is that how ever since I wrote my first story on my way back from a winter church camp when I was eleven story writing has come naturally to me. I tested the waters in writing poetry, scripts, and fan fictions. Dad, Tim, and my moms, Jane and April were supportive and gave me feedback. I probably still own every notebook they bought and more I was given by others and I bought myself. Dad told me that, at one point that I should try to make my own characters and…