International Women’s Month Spread 2024

  This year I’ve been preparing for International Women’s Day since January. As you guys all know I love this holiday because I always go out of my way to celebrate it since 2021. I’ve been introducing you all to the best of the females of all of my universes since 2021, and starting 2022 I started interviewing women I know from around the world to showcase the women from all walks of life.  Here’s this year’s disclaimer:  Disclaimer: I am interviewing all women I see as cool, interesting, and from all walks of life. This is for my blog, Kaylyn’s World Imaginary and Not. If for any reason, you are no longer comfortable with me posting your interview online I will no longer do such a thing, but I hope you will allow me to have a private hard copy for my Women's History Month section of my Inspiration Dossier. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to ask.  Note: Alex and Aubrey are married to one another. Any interview without a last initial will have their first nam

Interview with Author Lord A. Morman

During New York's ComicCon I got to meet and buy the first five comics of 4-15 from Lord A. Morman. It's a gory horror series, so if you're not up for that, I don't suggest it. In fact, Lord A. Morman made sure that even though I said I was cool with that, that I at least flipped through the comic before making my purchase. I feel really lucky to have interviewed him.  Lord A. Morman Kaylyn Gabbert :  I'm glad I bought the 5-in-1 hardcover of 4-15: The Series from you because I was having a very hard time putting it down. How'd you come up with the idea? Lord A. Morman : I am happy to hear that you like the series so far. The story was actually my senior project for college. It actually started out as a superhero story. After we finished filming the short film, I could not stop writing. It went from a very dark superhero story to a Sci-Fi Horror web series. In changing genres, I was able to not only go as dark as needed for the main story as well as some of the

International Women's Month Collection: Kaylyn Gabbert

This year I invited women to ask me whatever they wanted. I interviewed them. It was their turn to get to know me in any way they wanted. They sent me these questions in February and March. So I gave them my answers right away. Now you guys can get to know me as well.  Kaylyn Gabbert : Do you have anything you want to know about me? Any questions you've wanted to ask? (Asked to all women) Kimmie Cooper : I already know everything about you!! Lol!! Cheyanne B .: What inspires you the most when writing? KG : I'm inspired by a lot of things when writing like shows and movies on TV, interesting/insane conversations with friends and family, listening to music, and things I read. I also get inspired by real life events such as what I learn in documentaries or personal experiences. It depends on what scene I'm writing, and that will dictate what's inspiring me the most at the moment.  CB : How do you truly focus on keeping any story idea straight enough and detailed enough to

International Women's Month Collection: Rachel B.

I met the creative, energetic, loving Rachel on my birthday a few years ago. But she cemented her spot in my life by attending my wedding as a plus-one and taking so many wonderful pictures that I was able to make a wedding album. She's an amazing female friend.  Kaylyn Gabbert : You're always so outgoing. Where's your favorite place to go?  Rachel B.: My favorite place to go is to nature. I enjoy walking at Long Beach LI on the boardwalk. As I look out on the ocean and horizon I feel hopeful. I also love walking in Central park and getting lost among the trees. Sometimes I forget I am in the middle of NYC. KG : I've seen Central Park. It is absolutely amazing, although I haven't seen it like you have. I was there for a concert. Is there a time of year you would recommend me checking it out? RB : It's cherry blossom time now In Central park. I just walked around the Jackie O reservoir and took photos of the beautiful cherry blossom trees.  KG : When did you join

International Women's Month Collection: Cheyanne B.

Cheyanne and I met as tutor and mentor, and now we're close friends with the absolute best nicknames for one another. Cheyanne is loving, caring, creative, and the best multitasker I have ever met. 😊 Kaylyn Gabbert : When we first met, I was helping you with a creative writing course. Do you still use those tips when writing? Cheyanne B .: Some of it I still use and some of it I forgot. And that's true for everybody.  KG : How many open projects are you writing these days? CB : I had seventy. I had ten a day until [Wattpad] said this user doesn't have an account, this user doesn't exist. It sucks because I didn't have any of them saved. I knew some people were stealing my stories but it still sucks. I emailed them, but I'll work on twenty-four new story ideas until I hear back from them.  KG : Were you able to get your Wattpad account back CB : No, they said that there was no issue with my account. I tried to reset password and it told me user didn't exist.

International Women's Month Collection: Kimmie Cooper

This interview was initially supposed to go up on 4/9, but due to a rough anniversary and some severe weather craziness. So now it's time to get reacquainted with my amazing friend since college, Kimmie. Now we're each other's beta readers, and we look out for each other more. She is amazing. ^-^  Kaylyn Gabbert : Since we spoke last year, we've established a better and more personal working relationship. Because of this I felt the need to interview again. First, what did you think of last year's interview? Kimmie Cooper : I liked it.  Kimmie's son : Especially because I was in it.  *Son dubbed me Interview Lady; he's 14* KG : Over the last year you became my beta reader. My second one, and the first one who I met with regularly. I appreciate everything you've given me as a beta reader. Do you beta read for anyone else? KC : Every once in a while I beta read with the literary agency I'm working with. It's not as often as I meet with you.  KG : If

International Women's Month Collection: Shaneeza A.

I met Shaneeza in the Brooklyn's Women's Writing Group, and she caught my attention by always sharing inspirational reading and putting her writing out there. She and I are now Accountability partners in the writing world.  Kaylyn Gabbert : How did you meet the Brooklyn Women's Writing Group?  Shaneeza A .: Um… I was looking for writing groups on MeetUp, and I originally found a writing group for men and women. I found the men to be chauvinistic. If you were writing romance or teen they always seemed to think that their writing was more important than yours whereas the women were always supportive.  KG : You tell the group about amazing, inspirational books for women. How do you come across them? SA : I find them by word of of mouth or by what I'm experiencing. Right now I'm going through a spiritual phase and R.L. Stine. Last year, I was into women's empowerment.  KG : What got you into writing? SA :  I went back to college to study geology. I wanted to be a pr