Writing Catch-Up Info. Dump

 Hello all! I hope you're all doing well. There has been so much going on in my neck of the woods, writing-wise.  First up, it's my turn to type my level for our script at StrideStar. I was all sorts of nervous. I wasn't sure if it was because I was out of practice writing scripts, I wasn't properly prepared, or I wasn't used to so many "eyes" on me as I worked. I talked to my new therapist about it who suggested I printed the outline for my level, so I didn't have to slow down so much. I also noticed that if I set up a project to type in script writing format with the same properties like: going from past tense to present tense and going from one medium to another maybe the practice would really help. I even made sure to ask trusted writer friends to help by hanging with me as I type and looking at my script occasionally hoping I stuck to the rules. If I ever got stuck on something, I could always ask for help.  Great news about the Global Writing Com

Nostalgic Week Brought to You By

 This week in one of my writing groups, author Abigail Falanga was asking nostalgic questions every day for her daily subject questions. I loved this week so much that I wanted to share my answers. On Saturday night, I thanked Abigail for doing this, letting her know she inspired this blog. I was curious what Sunday (the final day) would have in store, so I asked. She asked if I had any suggestions, and she loved what I had in mind. These are her usual subjects for the week: Monday Music Tuesday Tea Time Wednesday Wonder Thursday Thrill Friday Fandom Saturday Scholar Sunday Fun Day I didn't have an answer for all of them though. Here's what I have:  Monday Music: I think I'll declare this Nostalgia Week!: So, first up: What was your favorite song from your childhood/teen years? Or band/album?: My favorite band as a kid/teen was Simple Plan. My favorite album by them was No Pads, No Helmet... Just Balls, and on that album was my favorite song, I'd Do Anything. I didn

It's Amazing What Can Spark Ideas

 In my last post titled  International Women's Day's from Kaylyn's Universes  I mentioned how Project Poseidon (my coauthoring project) stays on the forefront of my mind. Inspiration usually drops in my lap from a documentary I'm in love with called Strange Evidence. So last night I was all set to take potential notes for Project Poseidon while watching it when I came across a clip about a girl crying blood which definitely does not help Project Poseidon in the least. It does however help Music Nymphs, especially when you find out what is causing the girl to cry blood. I wrote the notes from the entire section then into the appropriate document then copied them to a blank one then wrote notes from one of my three villains' points of view. It ended how he'd ask his two coworkers to help him with this new experiment he wants to employ. When I had time today I reached out to the creator (one of my brothers) of one of that villain's colleagues to get a more well

International Women’s Day from Kaylyn’s Universes

Honestly, I know that International Women’s Day was on the 8th, and I wasn’t really sure how to celebrate until I realized it’s *checks my blog* Yikes! It’s been way too long since I’ve let you in on my fictional goings ons. Because of that this is going to be long. That's for sure. It doesn't help that I’ve got six stories currently open in my head at all times, three that I will choose to work on at a time. One that I’m coauthoring, Project Poseidon likes to stay on the forefront of my mind even though we’re currently not on my chapter by having inspiration sporadically fall in my lap. I will tell my coauthor then throw it all in the notes. Anyway, this month I’m working on Music Nymphs (a spinoff of Head Hunters), Heart on Her Sleeve (my first romance), and The Pain of the Silenced. Actually, Escort Recon, Music Nymphs, and Mayday are all Head Hunters’ spinoffs taking place in different parts of the U.S. after the events of Head Hunters.  So let’s go meet our stories and our

Fashion Show!

  Last month, I got in trouble during therapy. And not for the usual bullshit like my talking negatively about myself or being to stubborn to talk to my family. I had been feeling awful for a week and a half starting around Valentine's Day, so during a whole therapy session I told her why I felt bad around the holiday and boy did I get in trouble. She asked me when the last time I felt beautiful was. I gave her such a non-answer about my husband always telling me I'm beautiful, and she was having none of that shit, saying I needed to get in touch with my own femininity. It didn't help my case that I needed the definition on that... So after the appointment as per the usual, I told Richard everything. In the past we've tried shopping for clothes that make me feel beautiful at other stores before, so Richard straight up said we can buy clothes at my favorite clothes place, Hot Topic. I haven't bought clothes there in years. My first purchase at Hot Topic was last mon