The Perfect Book for a Traveler of the Mind or Vacationer

  I recently finished reading ‘Where to Go When’ by DK Eyewitness, and the immediate things that make the book fabulous are it breaks up locations by what month is the best time to visit them, they tell when else to go, and all about planning your trip. Each ‘chapter’ is month by month. The other months each location may mention may mention off-seasons, concerts, holidays, ect. In the planning your trip section they mention getting there, getting around, the weather in that month, and the average weather in Fahrenheit and Celsius. For any and all travelers that is extremely important, the Fahrenheit and Celsius because you don’t want to have to take your phone out to translate that on your own all the time.  While reading the book a few places stood out to me as research places for my work like Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Kyoto and Tokyo, Japan, and Galway, Ireland. Rio de Janeiro was in February, Kyoto was in April, Galway was in September, and Tokyo was in November. As I was always inter

International Women’s Spread Brought to You by

Brooklyn Library’s Adult Literacy Tutoring Program  This is some of what I learned during last month in Adult Literacy Tutoring. I encourage you to learn more as well.  Sooo I’m not exactly sure what I share on here anymore with my busy schedule. Since April 2022 I’ve been volunteering with my local library to help others with Adult Literacy. It didn’t always start out with them helping guide us with lesson plans for the month. In fact, it wasn’t until January this year that they helped out their tutors in this way.  Obviously, March was Women’s History Month, and the lesson plans in the tutoring program reflected that, but unfortunately I wasn’t around in March to help my students due to a family emergency, and short staffing on one week. On the last full week of March, the tutoring program started their spring break that lasts two weeks.  I did look up all that I could out of the lesson plans that were to be planned for the students as I’m a huge fan of Women’s History Month. During

International Women’s Spread Kaylyn Gabbert

Some of the lovely ladies in this year's spread asked me interview questions. I'm posting them in order of when I interviewed them. ^-^  Irene Lyla Lee : If your writing was a tool for the world what would you want it to be able to do? Kaylyn Gabbert : I would bring attention to the importance of mental health care, not as a health care worker, but as one who still suffers from depression, anxiety, and PTSD with love, support, and meds. I would also show people how it is to live with disabilities that heavily impact your life in multiple ways, but I would give others a safe place to talk about their mental health, disability, or otherwise stories they wish to share. They don’t have to share their name if they don’t want to. I also have a passion for education and the education system as how it should be. No matter what my passion is I always study up on it and share my personal experiences as well.  Molly W. : Throughout your interviews, have you noticed any common theme with w

International Women’s Spread Shannon L.

Meet the sweet, helpful, and supportive, Shannon. 😀 I met her in Brooklyn Women's Writing Group.  Kaylyn Gabbert : What led you to Brooklyn Women’s Writing Group? Shannon L. :I had been looking for a way to kickstart my writing habit again after lockdown completely paralyzed my muse. I'd been working my way out of that for a while. It was like a beacon when I stumbled onto the group online.  KG : What are your favorite mediums to write in? SL : Back in the day, it was all notebooks, notebooks, notebooks. I still keep a notebook in case I can connect better with a character that way. I think it's the tactile sensation of the paper — when I write in notebooks, I often use pencils. Occasionally I might use my favorite kind of pen instead. That said, I mostly write on my laptop. The low click of keys is sometimes a meditative sound. Plus, I type faster than I write longhand, so I'm more likely to keep up with the movie in my head that way. KG : You always seem so helpful.

International Women’s Spread Kat B.

Meet a kindred spirit to me, kind, supportive, and always willing to lend a helping hand, Kat. Kat and I met in the Brooklyn Women's Writing Group, and I really admire her goal to learn French and love her reason why. 😍   Kaylyn Gabbert : What brought you to the Brooklyn Women’s Writing Group?  Kat B. : I think there were too many things. One thing, a professor told me was, “You’re a writer. Never forget that.” I see this as an accountability group. My family’s got a whole hand in the writing thing. My daughter is a screenwriter, and my son-in-law writes sitcoms. I think writing is an extension of my obsession with human behavior.  KG : You have always talked so highly of your work and even offered your services to us in BWWG. What got you into Career Coaching?  KB : I was a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), and though it was my company, and it was profitable. I had no problem helping people get richer, but I didn’t feel like I was helping mankind. I went into training, performan

International Women’s Spread Tiffany M.

Meet the beautiful, intelligent, and hard-working, Tiffany. She's one of my bosses at the library where I volunteer as an Adult Literacy Tutor. 😀 Kaylyn Gabbert : What’s your official role at the library?  Tiffany M. : My official title is Office Associate II, and I am basically the data manager.  KG : Have you always wanted to work in the library? TM : Actually no. Because the department is education based, I never saw myself in that role. I actually fell into it. I started in 2006 in the Campus of the Youth Program, and they asked me if I would be a regular part-timer after school. Then there was a period where the library was experiencing a lot of layoffs, and I wasn’t working there but volunteering there as a tutor. While I was a volunteer, a colleague told me about the position I currently am in. And now I’m currently in a position I like. I’ve been here for the past eight years.  KG : What are your main passions?  TM : I haven’t thought about that in a while. I love travelin

International Women’s Spread Dr. Danett

Introducing the wise, friendly, and helpful, Dr. Danett. I met her in Brooklyn Women's Writing Group. 😀 Kaylyn Gabbert : What brought you to the Brooklyn Women’s Writing Group?  Dr. Danett : I love to write and it’s my favorite things to do in the world. And my father, God rest his spirit when he read my writing he said positive things, and he said I should be a writer. I had a history of writing in high school and after high school. I got awards for writing, from the Golden Key and Kuumba. It’s called A Taste Of Our Own Medicine: 3 Vital Keys To Ending Postnatal Depletion, Nurturing Mothers And Improving Communities.  Dr. Serrallach describes postnatal depletion as a postpartum syndrome of accumulated issues including deep fatigue, hyper-vigilance, and a feeling of being overwhelmed. Symptoms stem from physiological issues, hormones, sleep disruption or deprivation, alongside psychological, mental, and emotional factors. KG : What are your favorite mediums to write in?  Dr. Danet