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Representation Matters

(Originally posted 3/12/19)
This is a blog repost. While recently hanging out with my niece we noticed that there aren't a lot of characters using crutches or in wheelchairs, so I was automatically inspired. I didn't know how to start it, so I wrote it as an answer to a writing prompt. Looking at my notes I wrote everything I needed here already. I organized my notes and thoughts, but this may take a while to post because I need to figure out how to word everything perfectly to get my point across.
It wasn't until almost two months ago when I was with Nana that I realized something. We were watching one of her shows, Goldie and Bear when I saw Marian Locks (Goldie's mom) in a special wheelchair like my niece's. I commented on it, and she said she hasn't seen another character in a wheelchair. Even though she's only seven I thought it was best to be honest with her. I told her that I only saw a few characters in fiction as well. When I saw the look in her eye…

Remembering Who Loves You

This is a repost of mine from another blog. I was given this prompt by a writer friend of mine, Tiffany when she was worried about me when I was writing about a more sensitive subject. She wanted to help keep my emotions balanced. I'm also challenging myself to put me in my own writing. Sorry for the lateness it took me about a month and a half to write this.
Prompt: A ghost appears before you one night and tells you to expect a visitation by three spirits who will each transport you to significant moments from the past, present, and future. However, you soon discover that the three spirits aren't quite like the ones who visited Ebeneezer Scrooge...
Here I was watching Coco again. It's one of my favorite movies. As the song 'Remember Me' plays and Hector explains why he wrote the song I teared up. As always. "I love this scene," a familiar male voice sniffled. "It reminds me of when we wrote 'Let Me Be Me'." I turned my head so fast that m…