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"I'm Kaylyn and I'm a serial writer..." I replied to a writing group I'm in, Writer's Warriors when I was asked by a daily question. The question was, "Introduce yourself and your WIP (work in progress)". Last month I told them all about Under the Lake (decade in the making) and Project Poseidon (the coauthoring project). But this month those two stories aren't on the forefront of my mind, so I'll be writing about Escort/Recon (a Head Hunters'  spinoff) and Heart on Her Sleeve (a redesign of an old idea). I got the idea of writing about this while writing the last piece. It was also inspired by talking to some of my conversations with friends.
Definition of serial: occurring in a series rather than simultaneously
I may not be using the word fully correct since I can work on two or three at a time, but I move on to the next ones rather quickly. As I mentioned in my last blog I set up my 'to go' notebook with five stories on my birthday week/ week off. I worked on three of them, but it was nice to have options to work on throughout the week especially if the dreaded writer's block hit. I worked on Escort/Recon really well that week. I took extensive notes for it, but I had to focus on Under the Lake and Project Poseidon more. I had hit some major headway with Under the Lake and even started writing it in a second notebook. That's how long it is. 😊 Then there was Project Poseidon where I write the odd chapters, and my coauthor Adam writes the even chapters. Now that I hit a block with Under the Lake and I finished my chapter of Project Poseidon time to move back to Escort/ Recon and onto Heart on Her Sleeve.
It's funny because when I was giving a woman writing advice I said something about saving all your writing because even with some of my cringiest writing I found salvagable parts. I have an idea book to prove it. And telling her that made me revisit my notes on Heart on Her Sleeve. Turns out one of my renditions of it I used for a college assignment. I still have that script in my portfolio, but I want to make it a novel too. I want to thank her for inspiring the renewed interest.
There's another reason I want to write about this topic. I talk to a lot of writer's friends, some on a weekly basis on the phone. Some of them comment how they couldn't work on as many as me. I feel the same about them. To me I could never just work on one idea at a time. I need multiple ideas lying out for me.

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