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Broadening My Horizons

Hey Dad, look it's the quote you branded into my head. XD But that is what this is about. Broadening my horizons in the writing world. I've been doing this for years, but a few new things stand out lately.
First, I'll start by saying things that helped before were my talks with Mom about Sherrilyn Kenyon. I look up to J.K. Rowling, James Patterson, and Sherrilyn Kenyon even though I don't read their work much. They are authors I look up to because of all the time and dedication they put into their work, their fans, and their social media presence. Another thing that helps me constantly is talking to my husband, Richard, and our brother, Eric about their stories, ideas, opinions on the stuff we watch and read. Full Sail University helped a lot. A special shout out to James, Lana, Chad, Rebecca, and Sonia for always helping out. Even though I'm just a novelist, and Full Sail really helped me create new things about my written worlds, see things from new prospective,a…