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An Open Letter to my Parents

Dear all of my parents,

Parents to me teach their children what they need to know through traditional and non-traditional ways. Parents always mean to teach their children some stuff while accidentally teaching us other things.

This was inspired by the song "Keep Your Eyes Open" by NEEDTOBREATE.
Here's the video I got it from, but you should know that I love AMV (anime music videos). This is only so you know what song was on my mind when I wrote this. Keep Your Eyes Open

I know we haven't always seen eye to eye, and maybe we haven't talked in a while maybe even years. But this is a thank you. There is no pressure to speak to me from this post.

So as of right now I'm a student enrolled at Full Sail University going for my bachelors degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment. The degree I'm going for doesn't usually help novelists like me, but I've learned a lot that can help what I like to write. I've made friends and networks that can help …