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Life Incoming!

So there's been a lot going on. It seems a little overwhelming sometimes. Maybe if I write it all down it will help me calm down. Writing always calms me down so maybe it can help me with my nerves that popped up yesterday, last night, and tonight.
I'll start by saying that I love that when I'm worried about something that I can always trust and come to my best friends and family Richard and Twin. They both helped me last night when a tidal wave of anxiety just hit me out of nowhere. Eric, one of my other best friends and family members, was visiting my place last night. He- always- Even though we don't talk about my anxieties or whatever he always knows how to make me feel better... Well... Like he makes me feel like it's okay that I'm human and I'm not perfect all the time. I'm in such a better environment since I moved here to New York.
So onto the reason I'm writing this... because last week as I was starting the one of my last three classes I w…