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My Full Sail Experience

It has come to my attention when I was talking to Tim and Grandma Sally recently on the phone. I'm on my way to graduation, and as I am going to work on this for the next two and a half months. Today, June 17, 2017, when I finished talking to Grandma Sally I realized how much I've loved going to Full Sail University.
I have always wanted to to be a novelist. When I started attending Full Sail I knew they didn't cater to novelists like me, but I felt there was so much more I could learn. Right now I have learned about networking, archetypes, and how to write different genres as well as different career types (like writing for film, TV, animation, and video games). I've also learned about working in teams, world and character building as well as transmedia. I also learned a lot more about children's entertainment than I ever thought I would. I'm so much better off with knowing everything I learned. The things I've learned that I listed above will help me in m…