Characters That Saved My Life

Throughout my life one main thing that kept me alive and safe no matter how bad everything got was characters from books. Seven characters of a bestselling series and characters I have created have helped me keep my sanity.
First, the characters who helped me through all my dark days is the cast of the Maximum Ride; Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy, Angel, and Ari. I learned a lot from each one of these characters. Max taught me bravery and doing everything in my power to save the world. I get my little hero complex from her. Fang taught me not to show fear in the face of danger, so when my life was threatened my assailant(s) never once saw my fear. My tone would turn monotone with no hint of fear. My body language and facial expression were made of stone. No matter what they said my assailants could never provoke me into doing something I'd regret because of Fang. I guess Fang also taught me to think before I act. Iggy taught me that just because we both have physical complications that we can do anything as long as we set our minds to it. I would never be nearly as confident with my abilities without learning from him. Nudge taught me that being kind can go a long way and help everyone around you see the good in themselves. Gazzy taught me that no matter how young a kid is that they can always be a trooper as shown by my little brother, E. Angel taught me how dangerous it is to be able to read minds even though it can be helpful at times. And Ari taught me that no matter how many people think you're a monster you can still keep your humanity.
Since I was twelve I've been creating characters who you could more or less call imaginary friends. I could almost always here them talking. They helped me through the tough times like Tess and Noa Warren. I can't remember Tess' last name. They were the first of my creations to help me. As long as I concentrated on their stories I could survive living with my former mother and her boytoy at the time. They helped me keep my sanity for about two years.
Then when I switched locations and dangers, Tess and Noa were done with their job and Christin "Ari" Keller and Gregor Ishima were born. Christin was the perfect killer, and Gregor kept her sane when he found out what she was. He stopped her. Christin scared my stepmother which was amazing considering she was one of my assailants. When she found out about Christin she thought I was a killer as well. But I only created Christin because I wanted to protect myself from my dark thoughts toward my own personal physical demons. Christin turned out not to be a killer thanks to Gregor. They kept me safe for about three years.
Then I changed my location and monsters/dangers again after my senior year of high school, the year my father passed away. Even though my father passed away in the middle of the school I finished my senior year with as much grace as I could muster. To get me through understanding my father's death and dealing with my loneliness I created Pandora Snow. Pandora Snow is the star of a trilogy. She lost her dad a year before her life was turned upside down when a woman turned her immortal. She had been through similar stuff. When Pandora lost her father she lost her whole family just like me. I ended up publishing that book.
Then came another location change and a new set of monsters for me to deal with. These were the worst of all the monsters I was ever up against. Their thoughts of reality were too warped and twisted. Even though I was related to them and doing well for myself they never gave me credit for that. They were always out condemning those in need of love and support, people who were in the hospital with something fatal. So thanks to them I came up with these poachers called Head Hunters. And to vanquish these horrid creatures I created to Angel Shudo and her friends. Some of her friends I'm most proud of include Cassandra Atwater, Hayden Johnson, Celeste Baker, Cayden Atwater, and Daniya Atwater. Angel and the Atwater kids are music nymphs, Hayden's an angel, and Celeste is a weretiger. The Atwater kids push their powers to the limits to the point that they create new powers. Angel was even so amazing that even though her powers came in late she turned into a Healer, a very rare variety of music nymphs. Oh and another one of my favorite characters is Angel's dad, Keith Shudo, who is the immortalized character to remind everyone of my father. They make me so happy.
Everyone; Tess, Noa, Christin, Gregor, Pandora, Angel, Cassandra, Hayden, Celeste, Cayden, Daniya, and Keith are all creations of my imagination. Tess, Christin, Pandora, and Angel were all an extension of myself. Keith Shudo is my way of immortalizing my father, and everyone else were just figments of my imagination. All my characters and the Maximum Ride characters became so real to me that I could always hear them and feel their comfort. Without all these characters I wouldn't have made it through my life as well adjusted.


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