Been Networking Lately

I know I haven't posted in a while, and that's because I haven't had a lot to say till now. I've been working with my Accountabilibuddies a lot. I'm on a gaming team, and I've guest blogged on a friend's blog. First, Accountabilibuddies are accountability partners that keep each other writing, on our goals, and on our deadlines. I have four of them, and we try to meet at least once a week mostly by phone. If we're struck with inspirations or have questions throughout the week we talk through Facebook. Right now I'm so proud of all of them. BB is writing again, and JJ has a book coming out soon. Ash has a book coming out soon as well and has been working with guest bloggers like myself. Adrienne is working on her website a lot lately.
JJ's great at marketing. She's having giveaways and everything. In JJ's book Lotus She awakes in an unfamiliar room in an unfamiliar house with books with somewhat familiar writing only to be chased out of the house by . . . Well, I'll let you discover that. ;)
After evading various creatures, she is captured by the magnetism of a large crystal. She awakes on a cot in cell to discover a nightmarish creature watching her from its own cell. After a few bumps and being tossed about like a salad, she is unloaded from a ship with many other humans. They are led into a white building and taken away one by one, never returning back to the group. 
Es is the last to be taken, and is soon returned to her true form, an Elven princess. She's been missing for over four hundred years and her father, the Elven King, is somehow responsible for the extermination of the human planet. Her captor, Captain Valdrik, is her beloved werewolf, her soul mate. 
As her memories slowly return, she mends her relationship with her beloved all the while being watched by her father's spies. The King has been busy since he murdered his wife, Queen Odera, and his eldest son, Kalis. After Es discovered the truth and fled to hide from her father, he committed many an atrocity. Now, his eyes are on her, and things are just heating up. (Excerpt from Nephrys Darkwater's site)

I love her book. It made you feel for almost every character. It transports you to a new world entirely. JJ's author page: Nephrys Darkwater (Facebook page) and Jinxed Lotus Production (website)
Last month I wrote a guest blog post for Ash's blog Stories from the Sober Bipolar. I wrote about my history with suicidal thoughts and some of my other mental health disorders. It was the most emotionally exhausting thing I've done in a while and currently will ever do again. I haven't heard many people's thoughts on it which makes me more vulnerable, but I know it's not a subject people lile to talk about. Richard, Twin, and Ash loved it. Ash is great at writing comments and notes to help her guest blogger better explain the story. She makes sure to never hurt the writer's confidence while giving them the constructive notes. We've recently talked about other people who want to guest blog, and I can't wait to see what they write.
(4/25/18) UPDATE: I talked to Adrienne today, and she's been working on on a Zazzle page as long as her website. She has been so busy with project after project. She said I can share her Zazzle store. So here's the Art by Ozias.
I've also been working on a story that takes place in the Head Hunters' universe. The Head Hunters' universe is by far my favorite one to write for. After Head Hunters I worked on the sequel for a bit, then after a few years I was inspired to write a short story in the universe. I was inspired by a daydream about escort and recon missions in video games. I had the daydreams for several months before starting to write the story. That brought me back in contact with an old friend, Mike. He helped inspired the story I'm currently working on. The one I'm working on now has no title or placeholder title. It's the first story taking place in California in honor of my grandparents who I've been thinking about a lot lately. The short stories have entirely different casts and stories of their own. I've added people to this universe like some of my writing friends such as Kim, Ash, and Adrienne. I've also added Ethan. Thanks to Ethan's character and conversations with Ash I was able to link the stories together discretely. I love when some of my characters act like some of the people I base them off of. Like Ethan's character did something I could totally see Ethan doing and his character's actions helped the story move forward. This is one of the things I'm working on that I'll share with people I trust. It's been a while since I've shared my writing with people, so I can't wait but I'm also entirely anxious. I've done everything I can to prepare though. I told the story idea to Richard and Twin (who are familiar with the universe) and I told the idea to Adrienne and Maurice (who are not familiar with the universe). They all like it, but I will always worry what people I care about think of my writing.
I've also been working on my resume for an upcoming Full Sail Networking event and to help me look for jobs. I'm trying to look for freelancing jobs right now, but I am having a confidence problem. When my career counselor and I talked about my resume I felt great, but when I was updating my resume I didn't know what to write. I didn't know what to add to my Upwork and  profiles. I'm working with StrideStar Studios, but I had to ask Tony (the CEO) what I was. I ran everything I did past the people I work with. But I don't know if I used the right terminology. I don't know if I used the right terminology, what I'll say at my next interview, or if I can upsell myself. I am going to talk to my therapist about this tomorrow. I have a meeting with my career counselor, Lana, on Tuesday. When they give me advice or suggestions I'll try them out with my Accountabilibuddy, Ash.  I'll let you know how things go later this week. Wish me luck. <3
(4/25/18) UPDATE: I talked everyone I mentioned above. After getting great job advice and everything from everyone I realized the only person being too hard on me about getting a job is me. So I trying to keep calm.  I got great advice from my therapist and Jane. I practiced going over interview questions with Ash. I'm working with BB on my confidence. On another note, I got to talk to JJ, Adrienne, Twin, Kimmie, Mike, and Richie about my current story and my plans to send copies out.
I also wanted to give a shout out to the Writer's Outlet community for helping me with my anxiety.


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