NYC Networking Event

Yesterday, Richard and I went to a Full Sail University NYC Networking Event for the second time. This was the first time going as an alumni though. It was great. I thought I was going to be nervous because it was the first time I was meeting potential employers without a safety net.  I wasn't as nervous as I thought I'd be. I met two featured alumni there and we had a nice talk. I got to meet a student that recently graduated in person, Andrea. Andrea came all the way up from Florida. It was so nice to put a face to the name. We had been in similar writing groups on Facebook before meeting in person at the event. We shared resources that help us and everything. It was really cool. We used the buddy system and I think that it helped both of us stay confident. I gave my resume to two companies. I looked up another two.
I like that everyone was so friendly and the staff was resourceful and so kind. Every conversation yesterday and last night was so natural and helpful. We all got to share our experiences. I talked about my work with StrideStar Studios and my Accountabilibuddies. They talked about some of their projects. I got to see someone's art. A few of us looked each other up on the spot. Andrea and I attended two workshops, one to help us with interviews and the other to help us network without fear.
The event takes place at the beautiful Kimpton Hotel Eventi in Manhattan. Last year we stayed on the third floor for the job fair and networking afterward. This time the job fair part was still on the third floor, but the networking mixer was on the roof. The only weird thing about the hotel is the elevators seem to have a mind of there own. Floors six through twenty-three are for guests, and oddly the rooftop is on the fifth floor. It was gorgeous though. I ended up giving away all my professional cards and ended up giving away all but one of my Head Hunters' cards. Everyone loved them. I received about ten business cards. 
The most amazing thing I found out is that Full Sail hasn't been teaching creative writing for entertainment for too long. I met film alumni that remember when the school only had three programs. I can't believe that.
I loved the board room meetings as well though. There were four guest speakers, but Andrea and I only went to see two of them. Andrea wanted to see another one, but when we looked at the time at one point she had missed it. Oops. :p But the meetings we did attend were very helpful. The first meeting was run by Angel Ortiz, a lawyer. He was teaching us ways to be successful and how to handle interviews. He was a great guy, but I noticed we were all much quieter during this meeting than the second meeting. There were so many more people in the No Fear Networking meeting by Rachele Christian. There were probably more people there because as we walked in most of us met and talked with Rachele. A lot of us shared our stories, thoughts, and ideas.
When we got home I got to talk I got to talk to a friend about how things went. It was great. Richard was so proud because I had so much personal growth. To be honest, I'm proud of myself too. He came with me, but he wasn't by my side the entire time. I came back to him from time to time to tell him how things were going. I think talking with my Accountabilibuddies really helped me mentally prepare for the entire event.
Speaking of Accountabilibuddies, BB, Ash, and I finally had a conference call after a while of trying. I think it went well. I hope they think it went well too. They let me talk about the event and then we talked about various topics.
Last night Adrienne sent me a couple links for her new site. I'm proud of her and I'd love to share her site.
Adrienne's complete website: Adrienne's site
After a long, stressful week my husband and our brothers decided to go to the movies and then out to dinner. We went and saw Avengers: Infinity War then went to our local diner, the Lindenwood Diner. It was awesome. The movie and hanging out with everyone. On our way to the theater we were talking about people from our pasts. We saw the movie. All I will say is I recommend it. We've been talking shit ever since. I loved it.


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