NYCC 2018

I went to New York Comic-Con on Friday with my husband and a couple of our friends. It was going to be different from the years past because I was getting more freedom with a mobile scooter. I have severe anxiety that surprisingly doesn't paralyze me, but my heart races as bad as a cartoon whose just fallen in love. You know the one. With their hearts beating hard against their chest like they're trying to escape. Before we even entered I saw Garnet in wedding garb from Steven Universe. She was getting a professional picture taken, but I didn't want to miss my chance getting my picture taken with her. I waited and I got a picture with her. She gave me her card.

I ended up tagging her on Instagram and following her: @punkybruisercosplay

Once we got in the building I was pretty much on my own. I went wall crawling first to find an ATM to enjoy the Con. This was my first time in a motorized scooter in a long time, and with everyone around and all the crowds I was terrified. I don't like places with heavy crowds. A few people actually ran into me. I found some ATMs after passing a few interesting booths. So once I had cash I stopped at three booths, chatted with the people there, and bought a few things. One of the first booths I stopped by only caught my eye because it made me think of my Dad. It simply said, 'Heavy Metal'. I spoke to one of the women working there. These magazines have apparently been around for like ever. They look like they have comics inspired by the lyrics of metal songs. One of them caught my eye by saying one band I actually knew and like with out any influence from Dad, and another caught my eye simply because of the cover art. I bought the two after flipping through them. To be honest, I haven't gotten to them yet. My next stop was the NatGeo booth that had so many books, but my attention was immediately caught by 'Difficult Women' (the title is actually much longer) by Karen Karbo. It reminded me of a book I wanted called Good Night Stories for Rebels Girls. I got a deal on In Praise of Difficult Women. I only read about J.K. Rowling so far. (Later I'll mention mention why even though I went to Comic-Con on Friday I haven't read too much.) I should also mention that there is a huge chance that Difficult Women will inspire another blog entry by me. ^-^

While I was wandering around I found a familiar booth where a few years ago I bought the first books of First Law of Mad Science and The Creators. One of the creators of the series and I got to talking. He had this anthology called 120 Project. He told me how his wife and him had gone on a road trip and collected stories on their journey. All the proceeds for this book would go to the ACLU. I couldn't help but buy the book and a really cute shirt. I've read the first four very powerful stories. I'm even more glad I bought it now. But the comics and the articles aren't the only thing the couple is working on a documentary film and dance theater work. I told him a little about my work to. I gave him my card with a couple companies I work with on the back. We talked about Writer's Outlet and everything. He seemed genuinely interested in joining. He also gave me his personal card.

They would love to get more comics and stories about social justice. If you want to check them out 120 Project.

The next booth caught my attention because I accidentally ran over their table cloth. Since I was there one of the writers and I talked about the comic in front of me. Legba's Juke Joint by C.W. Thayer and Ron Milts is a comic that follows a blues musician Reggie DuBots as he travels to the famous crossroads in Mississippi  in 1939 to make a deal with the Devil. The book has an accompanying CD of the music of the decade. There's going to be nine books following musicians throughout the decades. This book recently came out, but they have the music planned out through the sixties. As we talked about it I couldn't help but think about my Dad and Jess. I ended up buying the book, and as a part of the deal I got the book autographed, the CD, and decals thrown in for no extra charge.

I wanted to see more information about the new Disney show Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors especially after getting a picture with a Spider-Gwen and Squirrel Girl (with Tippy). Unfortunately, I was a day early, but I did get a few free posters and coloring pages. There was an opportunity to win free stuff, but I was unable to even try because I couldn't get close enough or be loud enough. I had twelve picture opportunities. The biggest thing I got was a Soul Eater wall scroll.

The ride home was one of the most miserable rides and I felt sick the whole way. As it turns out my husband and our friends have also a great time.

Since Comic-Con I've looked through some of the books and magazines I got a bit. I finished a Steven Universe comic already. As I mentioned earlier I started reading In Praise of Difficult Women and 120 Project Anthology. On Sunday Jess and I got to talking about vacations, reading, and writing. She shared six articles she wrote with me as long as I told her what I thought. It was an amazing day of reading her writing. That night I read an article from the anthology was Arizona: This is Personal with a Stop Sign drawing saying, 'STOP and Talk to Your Family'. I'm going to be very honest, I'm glad my sister and I were able to be more open with each other before I read it. I've gotten closer to my family recently, and this article kind of drove in why we should be more open and honest with each other.

While going through everything from Comic-Con I've been getting inspired to write more and finding more important information about my characters.


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