Would You Change Yourself to Avoid Being Turkey Dropped? (Movie Review)

 In a sea of Christmas movies in November, I was able to find a Thanksgiving drama that I liked called Turkey Drop. The movie came out in 2018. It stars Olivia Holt, Cheryl Hines, and Ben Levin. In the tale, terrified to be turkey dropped by her high school boyfriend of five years Lucy Jacobs is willing to change herself to stay with him. Her older brother's friend, Dean who is staying with them through the holidays is playing devil's advocate by asking questions like what's so good about her boyfriend, Jordan? This, of course, annoys Lucy to no end. Luckily, Lucy can talk to her sister Lydia and Lydia's girlfriend, Anna about anything. But more is going on in the background with the Jacobs' family. Turns out Lucy isn't the only one afraid of change or abandonment, so Lucy decides to figure out what's going on for their sake all while still working on herself. Eventually the family decides to help because their interest as well as their paranoia is piqued. The antagonist is probably low-key Jordan, but Lucy is more threatened by this old girl she went to high school with who has been sniffing around Jordan, Katie. Lucy is very intelligent but pretty insecure since she's so used to how things were. Dean is the typical older brother's best friend, cool, confident, and loves teasing and challenging Lucy. Jordan is squirrelly, but he does care about Lucy? It's a little hard to gauge in the beginning since Lucy avoids him often as well. Jordan is full of himself though like a stereotypical jock character, luckily it's not exaggerated. Lydia and Anna are both intelligent, confident, women who want to help Lucy, but not give into her delusion of Jordan being the only man for her. Since Dean and Anna aren't Jacobs' kids sometimes they say things none of the kids want to hear. Katie is simply your typical girl who is determined to get whatever she wants no matter what but to a point since Jordan has made it clear he wants to break up with Lucy first, and she does respect that.

Will working on herself help Lucy realize she wants more than to live in the small town forever without growing, or will it teach her that taking risks is worth it? 

I originally only wanted to watch this movie back in 2018 because of Olivia Holt because I was currently watching her as Tandy Bowen aka Dagger in Cloak and Dagger also on Freeform. She was great in that role and she was cute. I honestly didn't think I'd like Turkey Drop though because I'm not a fan of changing yourself for anyone, but now it is one of my favorite holiday movies. I now watch it every year. 

Definition of Turkey Drop from Urban dictionary:

turkey drop: This happens when a dating couple try the long-distance relationship thing when they go off to university or college in September. Typically, when Thanksgiving rolls around and everyone goes home for the holiday, someone gets dumped. Hence the turkey drop.


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