Women's Empowerment Month Collection

 Hello all. I know it's the end of Women's History Month, but as women are also currently making history I decided to do a collection called "Women's Empowerment Month". I interviewed women I work with, am colleagues with, and have admired for a long time. There were two things that really inspired this: International Women's Day and I found a very inspirational and informative article in Writer's Digest. I got to practice three of four of the interview techniques I was taught. I worked with everyone's schedules, and I learned international time zones as well. 

I first hit up my writing crew for women to interview, and so many people were willing to help. I also hit up a few people in my family members and close, longtime friends. Not all of my longtime friends and family that I wanted to interview were available, but I'm glad I got to interview who I could. I didn't want to interview only one aspect of their lives, that was my ultimate goal. While interviewing everyone I realized a lot. There was a lot of talk about Cerebral Palsy, eating health, mental health, and so much more. I was able to interview women around the world. As it turns out I'm not the only one with all of those things, and it felt so good to talk to others about it, especially with other women who get it. I also learned different things: like what causes eating disorders such as family, society, mental health, and possibly other things. You'll not only learn about these women, but in some of the interviews you'll learn new facts about me as well. 

I'll be posting the interviews, one every two days apart. It'll be in this order. 

  1. Becky Lawson

  2. Kimmie C.

  3. Kristen H.

  4. Lindsey Reisker

  5. Meghan C. 

  6. Anne Stenkjær

  7. AJ Skelly

  8. Elana A. Mugdan

  9. Amanda Porter

  10. Abigail Falanga

  11. Mama Chico

  12. Beth Boss

  13. Nephrys Darkwater 

  14. Erudessa Gentian 

  15. Clara Y. 

As I post each interview I'll link them here in order here. 

This is the disclaimer I sent or read to all participants of this collection, "This is to all the women who I see as strong, cool, independent, and hard working. Based on what I know about each of you the questions will be different. My plan is to post this on my blog, Kaylyn's World Imaginary and Not. If for any reason, you are not comfortable with that, I'd at least like to save our interview in the Strong Women file of my Inspiration Dossier. If you need further information about that, please feel free to ask."  

I think all of this is actually going to make for a great new section in my Inspiration Dossier, Women's History Month. Even though I've only known about International Women's Day since 2021 I'm getting a lot of writing and inspiration from it. I'm so excited and I hope you all like it as much as I do. 


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