International Women’s Day from Kaylyn’s Universes Volume II

Starting last year, I was informed of International Women's Day, and I wanted to write something really good about it. I wasn't sure what to write at first though. Eventually, I chose to introduce you all to some of the most badass women of my fictional worlds, of all occupations and ages. Well, this year I'm continuing with that, but I have no updated lovely ladies in the stories I introduced you to last year. I do, however have new stories and lovely, beautiful, intelligent and sometimes frightening women to introduce you to now. The link to the first year's will be at the bottom. 

An Unnatural Pull to Death: Lylla’s aunt and uncle who passed away protecting her within the early years of her life are her guardian angels, and they take that job seriously. Since she can see ghosts, they made sure she was that she was never too scared or possessed as a young child. Sadly, as they can’t always protect her, so she also has a living guardian angel but when all else fails and Death almost has her maybe someone else will have to step in. What makes Lylla so attractive to Death? Do her parents know more than they’re letting on?

  1. Lylla Logan: Lylla has always been able to see spirits, ever since her first near-death experience when she was just a baby. It left her with the ability to see spirits, help them pass on, and a guardian angel. The second near-death experience left her with her second guardian angel and mysterious, deadly sleepwalking spells. But she and her friends seem to have to handle those on their own because her parents don't want to talk about something important, and they never seem to come looking for her when she's out in the town sleepwalking... Lylla always acts self assured, but when she gets in a tight spot with unknown injuries appearing on her and such she always manages to get out of it despite the fact she does not have a silver tongue like she wants. She's known to cut class when things are just too much to handle, but she's actually an above average student. 
  2. Tawny Cypress: Tawny is one of Lylla's best friends. She's known about her abilities since they were young and a spirit wanted to connect with Tawny. Tawny's usually all about telling you like it is, and making you confront the person you have a crush on except when it comes to Lylla. She tends to handle things more delicately for her. She's a bit more edgy than her twin Celia, but that's because of what she saw when she was a small kid, but when she's needed she'll be there. 
  3. Celia Cypress: Unlike her twin sister, Celia knew nothing of Lylla's abilities until fairly recently, and the way she was told, who told her, and why she was told that way... None of it made her happy, especially since all of her friends had been lying to her. Where she wanted to be mad at all of them, with two of them in actual danger she's handling everything with a clear head, but after everything is said and done there will be hell to pay. She's the sweetest friend you can have, but if anyone messes with you she can be a force to be reckoned with. 
  4. Korie Maxwell: Korie is one of Lylla's guardian angels. Starting out as simply Lylla's aunt, when they were in a car accident she did everything she could to make sure Lylla survived the car accident when she (Lylla) was a kid. Out of the two guardian angels, she's the calmer of the two, but there are big secrets she's been keeping from Lylla and her family that very well may get her niece killed. All of Korie's friends and even Lylla's parents know a lot of the secrets, but no one seems to wants to break her secrets. 
  5. Daniella: Daniella is a friend of Lylla and the Cypress twins. She knows them through their friend, Jameson. She genuinely cares for them very much, but she also knows something fishy is going on. Something about the surprise bruises and late night jogs to save Lylla from getting hit by cars is a little more than suspicious. She wants to help where she can, but she also has her own life that she gets frustrated with, so sometimes she gets caught saying the wrong things. 

In Sin Eater, history is likely to repeat as Leonardo is setting his sights on Nadia, his own daughter. The last person he set his sights on, Nadia’s "mother", he successfully isolated, and then to get away from his tortuous ways they killed themselves. That was supposedly the last person he supposedly loved. He now plans to do exactly what he did to Nadia’s "mother" to Nadia. Can anyone help Nadia realize she’s not alone before it’s too late?

  1. Nadia Cadwell: Since Nadia is half angel and half demon and because people see her as a dreg of society as well as she's also the only one of her kind that most know of she doesn't know how to control her powers. It doesn't help that most of her biological family hates her for how she came into the world and what happened to her "mother", though she was the only one who actually witnessed "her" committing suicide. Her eldest uncle took her in and has treated her the best, but soon after her marriage to one of her best friends her family's secrets are coming to bite her in the ass. She's a strong woman who fiercely protected her friends as kids and because of that they are now her closest family. In her marriage, if you ask her wife, it's obvious, she's the more reckless of the two. 
  2. Mirabelle Gasman: Mirabelle is a witch and Nadia's wife. Ever since they were kids, Mirabelle knew that her friends needed her and vice versa, so she is the most studious and hard-working woman you'll meet. She's religious, but she doesn't push her religion on her family. She'll pray for Nadia and Nadia will appreciate it, but she isn't looking to convert her. 
  3. Nadine DeSanto: Nadine is basically Nadia's aunt. She's been Nadia's Uncle Miles' longtime girlfriend for about two decades. She also works for social services and is very serious about her job, so when the kids Nadia, Mirabelle, and their other best friend Dillon needed help she was the first one to jump in and help. 
  4. Talitha Winters: Talitha is a longtime friend who became her sister. She's an angel. The only good one the Cadwell family knows. She's the sweetest, loyal, and caring woman ever. If you call her for help, she'll be there in a heartbeat. 

Test Marriage is my only short story. It's about an assignment where high school students Melinda and Ember and Maya and Dylan (two separate partnerships) are partnered up to see what it would be like to be married, but it's not all fun and games when some really life secrets surface threatening to breakup friendships. 

  1. Melinda Knother: Melinda is a hardworking student. She is incredibly caring, empathetic, and protective. She knows how to keep a secret. She's close to her brother and dad. Over the summer tragic events happened that she's been able to hide from everyone including her best friends. 
  2. Ember Sweetly: Ember is immediately nervous to the point of being sick when they get the assignment because marriage to her scares her. She doesn't have a good relationship with her family and that's also immediately evident. Despite her upbringing, she's a strong, independent young woman who speaks her mind. Ember looks out for all people she sees struggling at school, even if that makes people see her as weird for doing so. 
  3. Maya Prescott: Maya is one of Melinda's best friends. She's overprotective, speaks her mind, and she's stubborn. When she finds out Melinda's secret through the rumor mill, she actually snaps at Melinda causing a surprising fight. 
  4. Lexi Retton: Originally, Lexi's a bully to Melinda more because of someone else than Melinda herself. There's a hint that Lexi was friends with at least Melinda and maybe even Maya back in the day. When Lexi goes to warn and intimidate Ember, she was in for a surprise of her own. Lexi has a chip on her shoulder, and sometimes she acts without thinking. But if you get under her thick exterior, she can actually be a sweetheart. 

In Neck Bites and Risen Hairs, as Reighlyn is just getting used to her new surroundings, she’s informed that she’s not like other teens her age. That would explain her old scars and the new one that keeps appearing on her neck like the victims of the serial killer, ‘The Leech’. But Reighlyn doesn’t just have to worry about that as another danger seems to be much closer to her and know a little too much about her, and they seem to have even more sinister intent than the serial killer…

  1. Reighlyn Stiles: Reighlyn has absolutely been through a lot. You'd think her scars prove that; too bad they aren't hers. She's lived in many homes from the ages of ten to fifteen years old, but for the most part everyone thought she was simply too much to handle. She finally got adopted at fifteen by a woman who cares for her and give her the love and care she deserves. She's a different kind of banshee who wasn't aware of her abilities but saved four lives before her adoption. She's loving, kind, intelligent, and protective, if you can get to know her. 
  2. Mrs. Riley Stones: Mrs. Riley Stone is an elderly mystic who who recently adopted Reighlyn sensing she was in danger. She's never been a mother, but she's always had motherly qualities. Once she becomes Reighlyn's guardian things in the area seem to be getting more sinister, including her neighbors who she's known and been friends with forever. She has to do what she can to let Reighlyn know what she (Reighlyn) is and prepare her for what may come.  
  3. Alice Graves: Alice is one of Reighlyn's neighbors who was asked to keep an eye on Reighlyn when she first arrived. As soon as Reighlyn showed up, Alice was mesmerized. She wanted to know more but immediately noticed that the new girl was not ready to open up. Like her twin brother and half the town she'd her rumors about the compound suicide attempts Reighlyn had made as a kid, but with one look at her she wasn't buying the rumors either. Alice is artistic, loyal, protective of those she cares for, and she loves to study lore. She also has a few tricks up her sleeve.
  4. Alyssa Graves: Alyssa seems kind-hearted on the surface. She's Alice's older sister. Alyssa owns a book store, Literary Asylum, but one day when Reighlyn is at her store alone with her things take a slightly more sinister turn. Alyssa, like her younger sister, has been asked to keep an eye on Reighlyn, but probably by someone different because Alyssa knows more about Reighlyn than she should. At first, she lets something slip, innocently, but later when confronted she spills a lot of what she should not know about Reighlyn and Reighlyn's loved ones. She may be more dangerous than the city's villain.  
  5. Mili Graves: Mili is the matriarch of the Graves brood, but unfortunately it seems she's very clueless about what's going on in her own home. When her eldest kid who doesn't live at home badly injures one of her kids who lives at home she doesn't even listen to the injured party's side or get him the proper care. That causes a rift between her and Mrs. Riley Stone though they have been friends for a very long time. The fight between both women was so bad that Mrs. Riley took the Graves teenagers into temporary protective custody. 
  6. Leila Tague:  Leila is Reighlyn's oldest friend, and they met in one of their foster homes. They get along pretty well. Leila is protective of Reighlyn and always feels guilty around her after a recent incident where Reighlyn (unknowingly to only Reighlyn) saved Leila's life from miles away, but it cost Reighlyn a lot. As soon as Leila recovered a bit in the hospital she researched why and how she didn't die when she should have and her theory was Reighlyn who was in the hospital for the same reason despite being in an entirely different location had something to do with it. Leila's ambitious, caring, and studious. She has big dreams. She wants to be a social worker, and she knows how to make it happen. 
  7. Cassie Summers: Cassie is one of Reighlyn's older brother, Dylan's longtime best friends. Five years ago, she was in such a dark place in her life. She was in such a dark place that she was ashamed to talk to her band mates, Dylan, Nyx, and Eike. She was the first person Reighlyn unknowingly saved earning Reighlyn her first life-changing scar. After her life is saved she finds out she wasn't the only band member in trouble and now the only band member that wasn't in danger needed their help when he lost custody of his sister. Cassie is loyal, willing to admit when she makes a mistake, and loves and protects her chosen family. 


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