International Women’s Day from Kaylyn’s Universes

Honestly, I know that International Women’s Day was on the 8th, and I wasn’t really sure how to celebrate until I realized it’s *checks my blog* Yikes! It’s been way too long since I’ve let you in on my fictional goings ons. Because of that this is going to be long. That's for sure. It doesn't help that I’ve got six stories currently open in my head at all times, three that I will choose to work on at a time. One that I’m coauthoring, Project Poseidon likes to stay on the forefront of my mind even though we’re currently not on my chapter by having inspiration sporadically fall in my lap. I will tell my coauthor then throw it all in the notes. Anyway, this month I’m working on Music Nymphs (a spinoff of Head Hunters), Heart on Her Sleeve (my first romance), and The Pain of the Silenced. Actually, Escort Recon, Music Nymphs, and Mayday are all Head Hunters’ spinoffs taking place in different parts of the U.S. after the events of Head Hunters. 

So let’s go meet our stories and our ladies, shall we? Well… I just realized that I can only lure you into most of the stories… I don’t have endings for any of the stories because I’m an author who likes to watch and see how things turn out, and my coauthor gave me no such permission to share any kind of summary. *angelic smile*

...Ooor I’m a lot better at summaries than I’d like to admit, even if they are subject to change considering that all these books are currently on draft one. Meaning they are all in notebooks or multiple notebooks in the cases of Heart on Her Sleeve and The Pain of the Silenced. I learned the summary thing on Mayday, Heart on Her Sleeve, and The Pain of the Silenced. *smirks* Now to clean up the summaries for Escort Recon and Music Nymphs. 

Escort Recon: Our tale follows a special ops team that vows to protect all nonhumans and innocents from Head Hunters and any wannabes. On a recon mission, Skylar runs into an old high school friend. Troubled by his new views on the world she looks in on his younger brother’s current situation. Just as she suspected he’s homeless and in danger. Breaking normal protocol she checks on him, but when their boss has an issue with how she handled it her team has her back. Now until they find a better living situation for him Skylar’s his new legal guardian. 

  1. Skylar Clarkson: Skylar is one of the rarer music nymphs. She’s usually on top of everything when it comes to everything, but when it comes to missions with kids sometimes her mind strays like it’s trying to remember better times. Luckily, her team has been able to save her and the kids in almost every situation. That reminded her of one of the worst days in her life but also the reason why she joined this faction of the military. When she was just a senior in high school she came home to a brutal murder scene of her brother and his babysitter. She hates talking about it so much that when she remembered she didn’t even tell her team. Skylar has a good heart and is a hard worker. Eventually her team made her talk about it, after they found Colby, somebody who would be the same age as her brother if he was still around. Now that she’s a legal guardian she’s doing everything she can to make him feel comfortable and safe.  

  2. Rita: Rita is an angel, meaning she’s the mind-reader on the team. When they are out on a mission she honestly comes off as the strong and silent type because she’s assessing everything she possibly can about the situation. She’s extremely protective of her teammates, and when they are on solo missions she may peek in on their minds to see how things are going. She’s good at not overstepping her bounds though. She’s friendly, but she’s not great with kids and teens. 

  3. Amber: Although this story follows mostly nonhumans, Amber is one brave and caring human girl. As soon as her friend Colby, a werewolf, got kicked out of school and there were rumors he was homeless all she wanted to do was help. So when she saw him again she made sure to protect him from the person who assaulted him and tried to send him to jail for that exact assault. She was thrilled to find out he had a new home and he was coming back to school. She also set up a small study group to help him prepare for what would happen next, and the study group would also have his back when they could. 

  4. Miss Autumn: Miss Autumn is an older librarian and a powerful witch. She knew Colby was having a hard time coming to terms with becoming a werewolf, and she was doing everything she could to help him. When the special ops team stopped by with Colby and got Colby to tell her what was going on with him she interrogated them to see if they were capable of taking care of the teen. She wants to make sure he’s okay, but as the agents were leaving she gave Skylar a good luck charm from the spiritual realm. She’s very knowledgeable but cryptic. 

  5. Felice: Felice is an activist and a witch. She and Skylar used to go to high school together, and she was one of the few who knew Skylar’s two deepest secrets and stood by her side no matter what. Now when she can she helps Skylar on cases, and once in a while they also have social visits. 

Music Nymphs: Fresno, CA has more than its fair share of kidnappings for months. There is rhyme or reason to any of it, no M.O. It’s putting all citizens on edge. Then there’s recluse, Chels, a music nymph, who lives deep in the mountains above Fresno. She lives there with her two sisters who work in Fresno. One night, while Chels, her family, and their neighbors are saving a young witch from three kidnappers they find out they live suspiciously near a Head Hunters’ base. Are they just going to lie down and let the Head Hunters subject others to horrible experiments or is there a way to get this base shut down? And if so, what will the cost be? Can they get help from the people of Fresno?

  1. Chels Lawson: Chels is Byanna’s younger twin sister, and though they are twins they are different species. Chels is a music nymph, and she has mental disabilities such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Due to past abuse Chels chose to be more of a recluse. She’s extremely good at holding down jobs as long as they are remote. She’s a hard worker at her game writing job, but after her grandparents went on their dream RV road trip she also took on her grandpa’s job of taking care of their neighbors’ houses during the off seasons. Unfortunately, since she doesn’t get out much and hang out with others minus her sisters her depression once got so bad she almost commit suicide. Luckily, Rae had come home for something and was able to help before anything too bad happened to Chels. Chels has since been doing her best to get better with her family’s help along with therapy, and it was going rather well until an encounter with a Head Hunter with a unique ability to dredge up an individual’s past. 

  2. Byanna Lawson: Byanna prefers to go by By. She’s an angel like her father, one of the few family members her and her sister can trust. Byanna, much like her twin sister, was also abused as a kid, but she found the best way to help herself was to become a licensed therapist. She also suffers from PTSD and depression, but for the most part her anxiety was almost fully under control until she was at work one day and got a call from Rae. She does her best to be there for Chels and not invade her sister’s mind, but she does tend to slip up from time to time. She usually puts on a brave face for Chels but is more open with Rae. That’s always how it’s been. But with the new threat hanging over their heads Chels is no longer allowing that to happen. 

  3. Rae: Rae is a surgeon and a witch. Though Chels and Byanna often refer to her as their sister and vice versa it’s not because of any biological relation between them, she’s just been such a great friend to them and vice versa since they met in high school. In high school, Rae lost her parents under suspicious circumstances, and when her aunt refused to take her in the Lawson sisters’ grandparents started fostering her and quickly adopted her. Rae is fiercely protective of her sisters because she understands how much they’ve gone through before they moved to California. She’s also a hard worker and a quick study. She’s friendly to most people. She often practices her abilities but mostly on Chels because she caught Chels trying to commit suicide once, and she never wants that to happen again. No Chels is not aware of all of these practices, only a few of them.

  4. Coretta: Coretta is a husky, but she’s very important because she was staying to herself at Petco when Chels walked in. Turns out Coretta loves music nymphs best, and there’s a reason for that. Her last owner, a teen girl, Maddie was also a music nymph. Coretta seems to be very intuitive. She’ll know when Chels and another music nymph are in danger, but that might be because she has PTSD with what happened to Maddie. Coretta will lead Chels out of danger, and like most dogs she seems to understand a lot more than people expect. 

  5. Xandra: Xandra was the first escapee Chels and the gang met before they found out Head Hunters are more than a grim fairy tale they were told as kids. She’s a witch that was on her way home from school when three adults just grabbed her. She tried to beg and plead that they let her go, but that was no use. She was increasingly creeped out by the silent man in the back simply staring at her, but as soon as his attention was on something else for a split second she made her escape via her teleportation powers. She was lost in the mountains and entirely disoriented, but when she looked in the sky she thought she saw a sign and she used her powers to follow the sign to what she hoped was help. She was lucky she found help. As she stayed at the Lawson residence waiting for her dad to pick her up, she told Chels everything she everything she could about the entire account which will likely help our heroes in the future. 

  6. Chloe Miller: Chloe is a music nymph who was held against her will and tortured by Head Hunters. While there she was subjected to experiments that left her with hallucinations, she watched a young friend of hers, Maddie die in her arms, and an experiment that was meant to kill her actually helped her escape at the great expense that she no longer can control her own abilities. As can be expected she’s now overly cautious and very protective of others, especially music nymphs. She’s also a well of information for anyone who needs to know about the enemy. There’s a long road to recovery for her, but luckily she’s got her best friend by her side and another very powerful witch protecting her as well. She's also made new friends who despite being stubborn greatly care for her.

  7. Maddie: As stated above Maddie is/was a music nymph. Unfortunately by the time we hear about Maddie it’s very clear something terrible has happened to her. We hear about her from one of her kidnappers that Coretta had obviously done a number on. He swears all he did was put the teen in a car, but we suspect he knows more than what he’s saying. Then we learn more about her through Chloe who was there when she died. They were tortured together, and Maddie tried to protect Chloe, let her know what went on at the place they were being kept. Maddie tried to keep Chloe strong, brave, and ready to keep fighting though Maddie had already given up on the idea of ever being able to escape. 

  8. Charlotte Bishop: We can’t have all good guys here. That would just- *shakes head* Meet Charlotte, one of the worst of the worst. She’s a Head Hunter, and she’s actually really good at getting most people to trust her, even her victims. She’s very charming and will always use that to her advantage, sometimes that’s how she suckers victims to go with her. One of her absolute favorite things is watching the hope fade from someone’s eyes as they realize she never cared about them in the first place. She also takes the oddest and most gruesome trophies from each and every victim who dies there. Ask her coworkers, even they’re disturbed by it. (*laughs* While writing this I’m listening to my Zune, and ‘Here Comes Trouble’ by Neoni comes on like it’s Charlotte’s song. How sweet and accurate.)

  9. Nurse Melina Logan: Melina is a weretiger and nurse. She works in Fresno and lives in the mountains. She almost became one of Charlotte’s victims because she was easily falling for her charm especially after Charlotte and Charlotte’s friend, Cal helped save Melina’s horse for a trap that was meant for her. But fate in the form of three new friends stepped in. And absolutely nothing could prepare her for the horrors that were about to transpire. The young woman that came to her rescue quickly was in distress, so her nurse’s training kicked in. Unfortunately, even though the woman was mere feet away she could not reach her. The woman was obviously hallucinating, convulsing, and crying. Then it looked as though the woman was trying to commit suicide with no warning or indication she was in control. Once a new savior took her and her new friends to a safe house she quickly went to work to save the woman’s life. Apparently, she was not the only one new to that kind of situation. Luckily, not only did her patient live, but she was able to explain what happened. She must steel herself for what comes next.

Mayday: Viral videos of nonhumans protecting themselves begin to surface putting targets on the backs of many. Hope comes in the form of a job across the country. If they can get there with their families they will be safe, have free housing, and some will have brand new jobs that will make a huge impact on what happens next. Everyone believes that only nonhumans were the ones in danger, but that quickly is shown to be a lie as a human related to some nonhumans is nearly killed. Is this safehouse really as safe as it claims to be? 

  1. Cordelia: Cordelia and her husband recently became the temporary guardians of her teenage brother. Her mom believes he’s safer with them because Cordelia is a powerful music nymph. Cordelia gives her brother a right amount of trust but worries a right amount too. She knows his abilities and knows he can handle himself. Cordelia is also excited to start her new job as a librarian at the safehouse, but as they are almost there they find out their other teenage brother needs their help. With Cordelia’s charisma and respectfulness she gets Shiloh, her new boss to check on his situation. She respects her parents’ decisions and does her best to wait for answers before reacting. She’s her husband’s rock when need be. She’s a hard worker and she studies hard as well. She’ll trust strangers at an arm’s length as long as her powers tell her they aren’t enemies. She’s the only one on the road trip like this, which can be a good thing. She’s also the only one makes the kids feel heard. 

  2. Marcella: Marcella is Elysia’s mom, and for the last few months she’s been away from her husband because her husband and her agreed their daughter and her would be safer surrounded by more family while he was at work. She’s looking forward to getting back home. Marcella’s an angel who is really strong and independent, but that being said she’s extremely happy her daughter and her don’t have to cross the country again alone. She’s a complete mama bear, if you mess with her daughter she will mess you up. 

  3. Jupita: Jupita is one of the youngest characters, and she’s an angel. At the beginning of the story at an unexpected pitstop her and her best friend, Elysia along with their uncle they run into severe trouble, but due to Jupita’s calm attitude and mind reading ability they came out alright. She’s the calmer and more rational thinker of the two best friends. She’s an absolute sweetheart to her family, but when it comes to strangers she’s usually very cautious. She’s caring and almost always prepared like her family taught her to be. She misses her mom a lot, as her mom couldn’t come with her on the ride to the safehouse. 

  4. Elysia: Elysia is also one of the youngest characters, and she’s an werefox. As a werefox she has some animal instinct and can tell when there’s danger in the area. She’s fiercely protective of Jupita. She makes sure to always cheer her best friend up any chance she can. Elysia is excited that her mom and her are headed back home to see her dad. 

  5. Kyra Lawrence: Kyra is an angel who recently got pulled out of school after a bullying incident went too far. Her friends since kindergarten turned on her in an instant because they thought she was a nonhuman sympathizer; lucky for her they didn’t find out she was an angel, but they did break her arm and cause a hairline fracture in her wing. Now her and her two older brothers are getting used to life at the safehouse. While she was wandering around she saw someone around her age in critical condition get brought in with no family. She decided to sit with him until his family arrives because that’s just who she is. 

  6. Sata: Sata and her husband recently got married and want to start their new married lives in the safehouse starting new jobs. Sata is a weretiger. Usually she’s in control of her emotions, but if you bring up a topic she doesn’t want to talk about she’ll warn you before she loses her temper. She just graduated college with a BA in arts, and she’s a very talented artist. She’s getting a job where she can use her art skills to help a few ongoing projects at the safehouse, and she’s on top of it even though she doesn’t actually have to start until she gets there. 

  7. Selene: Selene is an EMT who is working at the safehouse as a doctor until one can arrive. She’s a werebutterfly. She has mirror touch synesthesia, in her case meaning she can feel what her patients are feeling which helps her better treat them. She chose to be an EMT because working at a hospital with her condition can be overwhelming, but she knows Shiloh and wanted to help in any way she could. She knows how to talk to her patients, so they aren’t scared. 

  8. Shiloh: Shiloh is the powerful witch in charge of the safehouse everyone is on their way to or currently settling in to. She started this after her husband was violently killed by Head Hunters. She didn’t want anyone to lose family like she did. At her safehouse everyone is entitled to a great education, good medical care including mental health. She’ll go out of her way to make sure some families that are on their way are doing well by visiting them or making special calls to get them the supplies they need. 

Project Poseidon: 

  1. Elyon Honneywell: Elyon has Cerebral Palsy and because of that she also has a huge chip on her shoulder. She’s so sick of people treating her with kids’ gloves because she has a disability, so she refuses to show weakness which can occasionally backfire. With the Cerebral Palsy she has to wear leg braces most days and use forearm crutches to get around. As she turns eighteen things are starting to get interesting. Her night terrors of being chased by a woman who seems to know her and looks familiar but seems very predatory. The predatory woman also is always accompanied by a shapeshifter. If she’s not having those night terrors she’s having night terrors of drowning. Night terrors are nothing though, right? Unless you start noticing you have not normal teenage abilities that she wants to learn but not at the risk of her friends getting hurt. Elyon’s a great artist and writer. If something’s stressing her out she’ll often draw and write it out, sometimes like a comic. 

  2. Joey: Joey is one of Eylon’s best friends, and she’s Camryn’s girlfriend. She calls both on their shit all the time as need be. Luckily she can take it just as well as she can give it. She’s protective of them, and her heart is always in a good place. If Camryn or Elyon need something or just need someone to talk to she’s the first one they call. 

  3. Camryn: Camryn is the football player of the group, and an absolute sweetheart. She’s a klutz though. When she came out her family fully disowned her. She is now staying with a relative of Joey’s until high school is over. 

  4. Helena Deigos: Helena is one cool, confident, and flirtatious bitch. She’s trying to get Elyon to see her side, but her side of what, Elyon has no clue. Helena likes to be in control of any situation she’s in. She usually gets what she wants. She's manipulative of the people around her mainly because she thinks they are beneath her.

Heart on Her Sleeve: A princess, Nikkita, comes down to meet the only commoner Oracle, Keaton in town. Based on what Nikkita has overheard about Keaton, she’s fascinated by her. Keaton overextends herself often, and where her family notices there’s not much they can do because they don’t want to come off as overbearing like their mother. Once Keaton and Nikkita meet and hang out a bit a design starts forming on Keaton’s shoulder known as an Imprint, a rare marking a Royal’s soulmate will get. But they’re already headed for rough water, and it seems like one one of them notices it. Can she fix what’s going on before it’s too late?

(I created this summary in November, and when I read it to my mom (biological) she loved it. She saw it being on a dust jacket, and more importantly she loved that it didn't give the ending away. 😄 Romance is my mom's favorite genre, so I take her opinion in high regard.)

  1. Keaton Tamblyn: Keaton is Keena’s younger twin sister. She’s the oldest living Oracle in town so far, and that’s saying quite a lot since all the others succumbed to their mental health issues. She has depression, anxiety, PTSD all involving her first vision alone. Because her cousin lost his parents she decided to close up about it. On an almost daily basis she sees horrifying events, and because of this she is a hard worker, she always keeps up to date on the research for resources to help the people of the city, and she shrugs off bullying pretty well. She’s simply determined to help. As an Oracle she can’t stop a vision from happening, but she can help people prepare and adapt which does her best at every time. She’s studying to be a social worker to be able to help people in a more professional position. Keaton is also an amazing artist, but she needs to learn to rely on her family and relax more.  

  2. Keena Tamblyn: Keena is very protective of her siblings, but she really wishes she could help her twin sister with more than vision preparation. She plays interference between her twin and their mom unbeknownst to Keaton from time to time, but that never seems to be enough. Keena can be hot headed when she doesn’t understand something, and she’s quick to speak her mind. On the other hand, she can be gentle and a good secret keeper when the situation calls for it. She’s also very supportive of her siblings no matter if that means giving them a few encouraging words, helping them study, or loaning them some money so they can get the education they need and have wanted since high school. 

  3. Dr. Ozara Tamblyn: Ozara is the mother of five kids, and where it may not be clear who her favorite kid is it is very clear to her entire family who her least favorite child is. She’s a very accomplished doctor, but she abuses her powers as a doctor when it comes to her own kids and helping her own friends. Every one of her children and her nephew would be quick to tell you how overbearing she is. Ozara loves to be in control, and if she can’t control a situation she’ll likely find someone who can.  

  4. Princess Nikkita: Nikkita wants to personally get to know the people she’ll rule one day, and where her parents disapproved of that when she was a kid they fully support her now that she’s an adult who can fully protect herself. She’s well-educated, caring, and if there’s something she doesn’t know or understand she will research it further as best as she can. Nikkita does not stand for injustices, so if she sees one happening she does her best to fix it within the person’s means without throwing her power around. This is because she knows there would be consequences once she leaves if she abused her power to fix a situation for another then went home. 

  5. Marica Tamblyn: Marica is married into the Tamblyn family. She’s a gentle soul who is very nurturing. She met her husband when they were just teenagers and they dated for years before marrying. She was his rock through a very tough time, and when he became worried about his cousin she was their support system since they had a rocky relationship at the time. Marica was happy to see their relationship repaired because she noticed they were similarly wounded. She’s trustworthy and because of that all her in-laws love her.  

  6. Queen Imelda: As long as you treat Queen Imelda and her family with respect you should be okay with her, but the instant you disrespect any of them at their castle no less, she will bring down the hammer. She’s not simply a pretty face next to her king, she rules by his side. Queen Imelda also has hobbies to help her destress when she has time, and if there’s a week that goes by where she’s unable to have time to herself she’ll delegate some of her work to her more than capable kids, three of four of them. Her youngest is still in training. She's proud of all of her children, and if they need help or advice she is there to give it. Queen Imelda has always been a hands-on mom.  

  7. Emmy: Emmy owns the Brookes Botanical Garden, one of Keaton’s favorite places. Because of that Emmy and Keaton are close. Emmy is friendly, generous, and a good shoulder to lean on. For her best customer and best friend, Keaton she makes sure to never once just ignore her or brush her off, and if she’s ever made that mistake she’ll quickly rectify it. She’s knowledgeable of her place of business but not as enthusiastic as her best friend. They often walk through the place together, so Emmy is lucky she works somewhere she loves. 

  8. Abigail Lawrence: Abigail works at Borders book store. She’s very knowledgeable in general of anything she finds fascinating. She met Keaton at the store, but it turned out the girls had some classes together as well. She’s extremely laid back which doesn’t sit well with her boss. She looks out for her friends and often knows what they need before they do. She’ll blow people off if someone obviously needs her attention more in a medical way. That could be either a usual medical emergency or a mental health emergency.    

  9. Jaya Sanchez: Jaya is one of the members of the royal guard. She’s having time off when she’s called in by one of the princes; she had never been called in by them directly. It turns out she has an important escort job within town. She’s fully ready until she finds out it’s one of her best friends’ sister who happens to be an Oracle. But she’s fully professional. She knows she’s starting this job on this woman’s worst day, so she’s willing to do what she can to make things easier. She also wants to know what to do if the Oracle has a vision while she’s on watch. She's protective, quick to grab an assailant no matter who that person may be. She knows when not to argue with her superiors, but she also knows when to voice her opinion.  

  10. Dr. Ganesan: Dr. Ganesan is one of the few doctors who still know how to treat Oracles, something nobody should have forgotten. She listens to her patients, explains everything to them in a way they can understand, makes sure they have a support system. Dr. Ganesan also makes sure to stay with her Oracle patients through the beginning of their treatment, so they aren’t scared, they know exactly what to expect, and they’re not afraid to speak up if something feels off. She always makes sure she’s caught up on all the newest medical treatments. She also makes sure to report any malpractice, like doctors not keeping up-to-date on treatments for all patients. 

The Pain of the Silenced: Jace is a happy and goofy teen who has no idea how she got the gruesome scar across her throat. Is it because of that that she has the unique ability to psychically link to traumatized kids just by touching their heads to hers? If she accidentally knocks heads with someone going through a trauma she psychically links to them meaning she’ll go through their trauma to a degree until the traumatized kid gets the help they need. And she’ll have to keep it under wraps of course, so luckily she has a team that has her back. But will an ametuer reporter really blow her secret? 

  1. Jace Foley: Jace has a unique talent of being able to feel her friends’ trauma if they accidentally headbutt one another or touch head in any way what so ever. Being able to do this is called psychically linking. She simply feels their trauma on a smaller scale, but once the process happens she puts all of her feelings aside and wants to help them.  It’s how she’s been since she was a kid. Jace is the best secret keeper, and that’s something that her best friends love and absolutely hate about her given her abilities. She is the friendliest, most protective, and caring which helps her friends and others get the help they need. To counteract the negative mental health effects of linking like this Jace loves to volunteer, draw, dance, sing, and hang out with her friends. She always shows how grateful she is to her single father and the rest of her family. She always makes sure that her friends who she links to are able to take control of their life one way or another starting with helping them finding a trusted adult in their life to confide in. If no such adult exists she will bring up the most trustworthy adults in her life who would be happy to help.

  2. Melinda Cabot: Melinda is Jace’s best friend, and they are close enough to be sisters. She’s always got her best friends’ backs unless it has to do with their health. Due to being traumatized by a horrifying event as a child where she had to save her best friend’s life she’s learned some more advanced first aid methods from her mother. She loves that Jace keeps no secrets from her personally, but the families kept pretty big ones from Jace making Melinda feel guilty. If it wasn’t for a good cause she would have easily spilled her guts. If she can help her friends whether they ask for it or not, she will. Melinda is protective of her friends for good reasons, most of them have come from horrible backgrounds. One thing her and Jace’s brother, Logan have in common is a horrifying memory that gives them frequent nightmares. She’ll put on a brave face when he’s the first one to reach out, but when she’s the first one to reach out she’s not afraid to be vulnerable. She treats Jace the same.

  3. Dr. Tandy Cabot: Tandy is a very accomplished doctor, but she’s also a great mother or mother stand-in. She may have given birth to Melinda, but she’s often there for Melinda’s best friend, Jace and Jace’s brother as well. If the kids need her while she’s at work they only need to call or text her, and she’ll get back to them as soon as possible. Tandy is also a great friend to Jace’s father, Andrew. They’ve been friends forever, so she can always call him on his shit, but on the other hand, if he needs words of encouragement she’s there for that too. She’s a hard worker who helps with carpools, lunches, discipline of more than just with Melinda. She’s supportive, headstrong, and helpful. Tandy is also resourceful at work and at home. 

  4. Evelyn Rött: Evelyn was the third teenager that Sharon adopted. She was brutally abused by her father. She has a unique ability where she can read minds, but when she has a panic attack she can no longer control her abilities. That means her mind reading can go into overdrive, and she can learn things about a person she may never want to learn. By the time she meets Sharon and her two brothers she’s completely withdrawn. Her brother, Garfield has helped her open up when he was there during multiple PTSD attacks. She’s a sweetheart who is brave when others are in danger. Evelyn’s willing to put her feelings aside when someone else is in need. 

  5. Dr. Gene Gentile: Dr. Gentile is a renowned child and family psychiatrist. She goes out of her way to volunteer at a community center as a group therapist to help kids open up. If they need private therapy, and their families are struggling she’s willing to work on a sliding fee scale. She knows her clients well and how to treat them. 

  6. Callie Rött: Callie is Sharon’s older daughter who is from Egypt. She lost both her parents, and Sharon was the first person to get her to open up. Callie is friendly, bubbly, but if you mess with family or friends you will see her dark side. She has anger issues that she has masked well. She’s closest to her sister Evelyn. She loves dancing and looking into extracurriculars. 

  7. Nurse Rebecca Boone: Nurse Rebecca has seen a lot of kids with bad home lives come in over the years, but over the years she’s become superstitious like many of her coworkers. There had been rumors of a patient, Ms. Foley being a Guardian Angel because whoever she’s there with and wanting to help despite her own injuries they get out of their bad home life and get adopted by a new family or their family will part with the abusive family member(s). Rebecca’s easy to talk to, kind, and has a soft voice towards the patients who need it. She knows how to make kids feel safe, even if it’s for a fairly short time. 

  8. Sharon Rött: Sharon is such a big-hearted and caring woman. She’s always wanted to be a mother, but life doesn’t always work out the way you plan. Sharon is now the single mother of five teenagers who all came from different hard backgrounds. She does her best to show them love, patience, and discipline. One thing all of her children love about her and will openly admit to loving is how every week she will give each of them one-on-one time. Sharon will make sure to listen to all the details of a school issue before speaking up. 

  9. Principal Alicia Ballerini: Principal Ballerini wants all of her students to thrive. She does her best to be there for them, but when it comes to the serious bullying cases she works with the vice principal, the kids, and their parents/legal guardians. She always goes in well informed on the situation but with an open mind to actually hear everyone out hoping to get to the bottom of the situation. She can be tough, but she is always fair. 

  10. Jodi Johnson: Jodi is Jace’s aunt, and she disapproves of how Jace and her brother are being raised, and she’s not quiet about it. Because of this she actually doesn’t see her niece and nephew that often. She does her best to be there for Michaela, her sister-in-law in a manner of speaking, but she’s only okay with this because Michaela has made it clear she doesn’t want to be in her daughter’s life. 

  11. Michaela Thorton: Michaela is a very sick woman mentally, so sick she’s had to give up her daughter twice. She gave up her daughter once willingly to the child’s father. They both had the kid young, but Michaela gave her daughter up because she was so scared she would abuse her daughter the same way if not worse than her mom abused her. After she gave her daughter up she went to get herself mental help. Six years later, she thought she was well enough to be in her daughter’s life and spoke to the girl’s father to see if they could make arrangements so she could see her from time to time. Unfortunately, when she was alone with her daughter she had a horrible episode that led to her daughter being hospitalized for a short time. Because of that she distanced herself from her daughter and her daughter’s dad. She went right back in to get more help. The family still is there for her as she gets help for herself, but for the most part she wants to do this on her own. As for being in her daughter’s life, she knows her daughter is better off without her. The last she heard about her daughter made her so incredibly proud. 

  12. Ms. Plien: Ms. Plien is the newest character I added, but she’s already made a huge impact. She’s the health teacher at school, but she often goes above and beyond to let her students know she’s there for them if they need to talk about anything. If she notices they’re dealing with something in their personal that they also happen to be learning about in class she’ll call them in after class to see if she can help.  


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