Fashion Show!

 Last month, I got in trouble during therapy. And not for the usual bullshit like my talking negatively about myself or being to stubborn to talk to my family. I had been feeling awful for a week and a half starting around Valentine's Day, so during a whole therapy session I told her why I felt bad around the holiday and boy did I get in trouble. She asked me when the last time I felt beautiful was. I gave her such a non-answer about my husband always telling me I'm beautiful, and she was having none of that shit, saying I needed to get in touch with my own femininity. It didn't help my case that I needed the definition on that... So after the appointment as per the usual, I told Richard everything. In the past we've tried shopping for clothes that make me feel beautiful at other stores before, so Richard straight up said we can buy clothes at my favorite clothes place, Hot Topic. I haven't bought clothes there in years.

My first purchase at Hot Topic was last month. I bought red plaid combat boots, something I've wanted since I was a teen but just got around to at the age of twenty-eight. I bought two skirts, one that stops right below the knees (a celestial one) and one that stops at the ankles (a moon rose one). I have a skirtall which is like a pair of overalls but a dress. It's a little short, but I absolutely love it. If I want to wear it out I'll wear it out with pants. I bought a long sleeve shirt that all lace. It's black and looks beautiful over my black tank top. I also have a sheer bell sleeve moon duster. It's a little long, so if I want to wear it in my chair I have to hike it up. And last but not least I bought a dark red peasant dress. It hangs off the shoulders, and I wore it over my black tank top just in case, and I'm glad I did because I don't think I'd be comfortable just wearing the dress hanging off my shoulders like that. Plus I looked amazing in the photos.
Comment from my aunt: pretty color, and looks good on you hon. 😊
This is my current profile pic. The long sleeve is brand new, and it makes me feel great. 
The aunt who commented dyed my hair with blood red hair hair dye from Hot Topic when I was fifteen. It was only in streaks back then because that's what I preferred. 

On 3/2/21: Fashion show! 💖😁 My first Hot Topic package arrived. This was a retail therapy mission my therapist gave me. The skirtall, bell sleeve duster, moon rose lace midi skirt, combat boots, long sleeve lace shirt, and celestial skirt are all brand new. I was really proud that I could stand in all these photos. I thought wearing makeup would also make me feel beautiful as well. 🙂

On 3/3/21: Mini fashion show. This peasant dress is also new and from Hot Topic. It was from the same order as everything else in the fashion show post from yesterday; it just got here a day late. I'm glad I chose to wear my black tank top under it. It gives me a lot more confidence that way.

My husband said that with our Hot Topic Hot Cash plus an extra $15 off any order over $50 we might be getting more this month. That's super awesome because there's some stuff I couldn't get last month because all together it was all too expensive, so anything I didn't get last month I put on my wish list. On the fourth, an email from Hot Topic talking about my Hot Cash lured me in. So I bought five hair dyes: deadly nightshade (a deep purple), enchanted forest (a dark green), vampire red (a deep red), hot hot pink (self explanatory), and Poseidon (bright blue). On top of the hair dyes I also bought some clothes I had to save on my wishlist last month because it made things far too expensive. So I bought Disney Pixar Coco Lace black dress, Disney Tangled Rapunzel Princess cold shoulder dress, black lace-up skull lace maxi dress, zipper and chain skirtall, and a green plaid skirt with chains. I couldn't use the $75 and $15 on top of each other but I could use my rewards points I earned ($10) with the $75 and that helped.

3/10/21: Fashion Show Part II has had some hiccups. The second skirtall and the Rapunzel dress I ordered are like two sizes two small. I'll be dyeing my bangs Poseidon in a couple hours, so those pictures will be up later. I had just as much fun on this one as last one. All the hair dyes are new along with the Tripp plaid skirt, the Coco dress, and the long black lace dress.

Second part of Fashion Show Part II: This is the first time I dyed my hair on my own since high school, and I tried to get it to stick to my hair. The dye had other ideas. Richard said he'll help me try again tomorrow. Oh, and I wanted to show the skirt in full. I will be wearing pants under it every time but it was too cute not to buy. 😊

3/12/21 Take two on the hair and some natural lighting because I had to be outside anyway.


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