It's Amazing What Can Spark Ideas

 In my last post titled International Women's Day's from Kaylyn's Universes I mentioned how Project Poseidon (my coauthoring project) stays on the forefront of my mind. Inspiration usually drops in my lap from a documentary I'm in love with called Strange Evidence. So last night I was all set to take potential notes for Project Poseidon while watching it when I came across a clip about a girl crying blood which definitely does not help Project Poseidon in the least. It does however help Music Nymphs, especially when you find out what is causing the girl to cry blood. I wrote the notes from the entire section then into the appropriate document then copied them to a blank one then wrote notes from one of my three villains' points of view. It ended how he'd ask his two coworkers to help him with this new experiment he wants to employ. When I had time today I reached out to the creator (one of my brothers) of one of that villain's colleagues to get a more well-rounded idea of what he would think about it. Of course, he wouldn't want it done to him, given his unfortunate position... But other than that... ๐Ÿ˜ˆ I did the same thing for the inspiration behind the female colleague. Her answers were more surprising but very workable given where I left those two in the story. And while speaking to my brother he gave me even more ideas. Why don't I actually write case files from both men's points of view as they go through with this experiment? This would be a way to get to know my villains better which the Music Nymphs spinoff is the best example of out of all three of my Head Hunters' spinoffs. 

If you want a refresher on the summaries of the Head Hunters' spinoffs here they are. ๐Ÿ˜€

Escort Recon: Our tale follows a special ops team that vows to protect all nonhumans and innocents from Head Hunters and any wannabes. On a recon mission, Skylar runs into an old high school friend. Troubled by his new views on the world she looks in on his younger brother’s current situation. Just as she suspected he’s homeless and in danger. Breaking normal protocol she checks on him, but when their boss has an issue with how she handled it her team has her back. Now until they find a better living situation for him Skylar’s his new legal guardian. 

Music Nymphs: Fresno, CA has more than its fair share of kidnappings for months. There is rhyme or reason to any of it, no M.O. It’s putting all citizens on edge. Then there’s recluse, Chels, a music nymph, who lives deep in the mountains above Fresno. She lives there with her two sisters who work in Fresno. One night, while Chels, her family, and their neighbors are saving a young witch from three kidnappers they find out they live suspiciously near a Head Hunters’ base. Are they just going to lie down and let the Head Hunters subject others to horrible experiments or is there a way to get this base shut down? And if so, what will the cost be? Can they get help from the people of Fresno?

Mayday: Viral videos of nonhumans protecting themselves begin to surface putting targets on the backs of many. Hope comes in the form of a job across the country. If they can get there with their families they will be safe, have free housing, and some will have brand new jobs that will make a huge impact on what happens next. Everyone believes that only nonhumans were the ones in danger, but that quickly is shown to be a lie as a human related to some nonhumans is nearly killed. Is this safehouse really as safe as it claims to be?


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