International Women's Month Collection: Kimmie Cooper

This interview was initially supposed to go up on 4/9, but due to a rough anniversary and some severe weather craziness. So now it's time to get reacquainted with my amazing friend since college, Kimmie. Now we're each other's beta readers, and we look out for each other more. She is amazing. ^-^ 

Kaylyn Gabbert: Since we spoke last year, we've established a better and more personal working relationship. Because of this I felt the need to interview again. First, what did you think of last year's interview?

Kimmie Cooper: I liked it. 

Kimmie's son: Especially because I was in it. 

*Son dubbed me Interview Lady; he's 14*

KG: Over the last year you became my beta reader. My second one, and the first one who I met with regularly. I appreciate everything you've given me as a beta reader. Do you beta read for anyone else?

KC: Every once in a while I beta read with the literary agency I'm working with. It's not as often as I meet with you. 

KG: If you do read for anyone else, do your beta reading skills change based on relationships with them?: 

KC: *hesitant* I usually go based on what I'm asked to do. 

KG: All of January you and I were going back and forth about how you were shocked about how many books I was reading while sick. Have you been able to find time to read?: 

KC: *whines* I've bought three books in the last two months. Thanks to my hectic schedule I haven't been able to find the time. I'm still reading the first book so far. 

NOTE: The next questions were asked about a month later as a check-in. 

KG: Have you got to read more stories since we last talked?

KC: I got a chance to get into some audio books, and I read two books. Audio books come in handy when I don't have time to sit down and read. Now if I have time to listen to something when I go to work, during a huge project I'll listen to a book. 

KG: What's your favorite genre to read?

KC: I love reading any kind of fantasy as long as it has a good storyline.


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