International Women's Month Collection: Betsy C.

Meet Betsy. She's a wonderful mom, who I may have met as a client, but she's a great friend. 😄

Kaylyn Gabbert: When we first met you had just got back from a three-day weekend with your family. I think you said there camping, ATVs, fireworks. I definitely remember being jealous. Do you and your family often go camping?

Betsy C.:We used to go a lot more before the toddler but toddler and tents don't mix. We go at least once a year around labor day. 

KG: We met for a writing job. Have you hired people for writing jobs before?

BC: I've never hired anyone for a writing job before, but I've considered commissioning art. I haven't done it yet though. … I couldn't get the art how I wanted for the shirt I wanted. I also couldn't find an artist that could work in my price range, so my price range. Right now the project is on hold until I can draw better and probably do the project myself. 

KG: I'm still working on your story, but during one of our video chat meetings to discuss my progress on your story, you mommed me into taking a break. Do you often notice the small things when someone needs to slow their roll? 

BC: Um… I suppose. I like to think I'm fairly observant. I especially don't want to see someone like you who is so passionate about writing to burn themselves out so completely. 

KG: P.S. I love how you mommed me into taking it easy, using the plight of the protagonist to make me pay attention to the fact I was taking on too much. 

BC: *smiles*


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