International Women's Month Collection: Cheyanne B.

Cheyanne and I met as tutor and mentor, and now we're close friends with the absolute best nicknames for one another. Cheyanne is loving, caring, creative, and the best multitasker I have ever met. 😊

Kaylyn Gabbert: When we first met, I was helping you with a creative writing course. Do you still use those tips when writing?

Cheyanne B.: Some of it I still use and some of it I forgot. And that's true for everybody. 

KG: How many open projects are you writing these days?

CB: I had seventy. I had ten a day until [Wattpad] said this user doesn't have an account, this user doesn't exist. It sucks because I didn't have any of them saved. I knew some people were stealing my stories but it still sucks. I emailed them, but I'll work on twenty-four new story ideas until I hear back from them. 

KG: Were you able to get your Wattpad account back

CB: No, they said that there was no issue with my account. I tried to reset password and it told me user didn't exist. Trying to make a new account with that email also didn't work as it said it was being used

KG: I am so sorry to hear that. What happened with your twenty-four new ideas you were going to work on, in the meantime?

CB: Well, it flopped cuz life has just ruined my love at the moment. But I did find some backups of my saved stories so I'm looking those over

KG: Did all of this ruin your trust with Wattpad?

CB: Not fully, but it's made me more frustrated with things

KG: Understandable. Well if you ever want to start our story to feel better and get motivation up, I'm game! 💪

CB: I've had some ideas for the one about us but I've hit like a roadblock for writing and have no gumption to write lately

KG: Send me the ideas at least. Please 🥺

CB: I'll have to find the word document with all of them. I'm hoping to start on something with us in a fanfictin once I get past this bump

KG: Okay but when you find the doc please email it to me 🥰

CB: I will 🥰

KG: What is your day job? 

CB: I'm basically just a dispatcher for a vehicle company. I work from 6am-6pm.  

KG: Is there more you can add?

CB: It's a transportation company. We deal with crewmen either going home or going on board vessels. We also provide escorts into terminals for truck drivers. There are also cases that we deal with freight going onto or off vessels. Lastly we can provide ride for crewmen wanting to go shopping, to dentist/Dr appointments, etc

KG: Thank you. Is there anything you really love about the job?

CB: Working from home

KG: Anything that's super frustrating?

CB: Agents taking out their anger on me for zero reason

KG: I'm sorry. That's super annoying 🙄

CB: Oh yeah, my boss wasn't happy with them when I informed him about it

KG: Was anything done to rectify the situation

CB: Yes, he spoke to the agents boss and it didn't happen again

KG: That's good. I'm glad. 😊

KG: You look like you have such a fun time when you're visiting your nieces. How do you like being an aunt?

CB: I enjoy it because I'll probably never be a parent. It's always easier when I can hand them back when I'm done with them. 


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