International Women's Month Collection: Shaneeza A.

I met Shaneeza in the Brooklyn's Women's Writing Group, and she caught my attention by always sharing inspirational reading and putting her writing out there. She and I are now Accountability partners in the writing world. 

Kaylyn Gabbert: How did you meet the Brooklyn Women's Writing Group? 

Shaneeza A.: Um… I was looking for writing groups on MeetUp, and I originally found a writing group for men and women. I found the men to be chauvinistic. If you were writing romance or teen they always seemed to think that their writing was more important than yours whereas the women were always supportive. 

KG: You tell the group about amazing, inspirational books for women. How do you come across them?

SA: I find them by word of of mouth or by what I'm experiencing. Right now I'm going through a spiritual phase and R.L. Stine. Last year, I was into women's empowerment. 

KG: What got you into writing?

SA:  I went back to college to study geology. I wanted to be a professor, but things didn't work out that way for me. While in college, I was temping at law firms. Eventually, I found a stable job at a firm that gave me the freedom to write a novel, something I always wanted to do. I thought I wanted to write a romance, but even that is evolving into something bigger than I can understand. It's a karmic moment for me. When I was a teenager, my mom had an astrologer read my birth chart. It said I would be a writer and win awards. At the time, I never believed it because I couldn't picture that happening for me, but now it's so clear that this was always my destiny. 

Shaneeza requested I corrected myself. Sorry for the errors. 


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