International Women's Month Collection: Aubrey

I got to meet and interview one of my best friends, Aubrey. They are creative, strong, and crazy empathetic. She somehow always knows what you need and how to help you out.

Kaylyn Gabbert: In the cases of autism in my family and friends' families, people on the autism spectrum need a lot of help in the beginning of knowing them. That didn't happen when we met, so I was wondering may I ask about your autism?

Aubrey: Yes, you may. I was undiagnosed until I was eighteen. It was mostly social interactions I had troubles with. I couldn't always pick up on social cues. I'm not the best at picking up on light-hearted playing because I'm so serious. My spouse helped me out of my shell. 

KG: You seem very self-assured, which for people around our age is highly rare. Have you always known who you are in life?

Aubrey: *eyes widened* No. It took me a long time, and even though I'm twenty-nine I'm still finding myself. 

KG: What are some of your hobbies?

Aubrey: I don't have many. I really enjoy gardening, theater. I do want to get back into husbandry. I have told you I have loved chickens. I love writing. I have a story stuck on a 2007 computer. 


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