International Women's Month Collection: Jessicah

I was so lucky to be able to interview my sister, Jessicah. The sister who was with me through all of it. I am so proud of who she became. I'm also so grateful to have grown up with her by my side. I hope she knows that.

Kaylyn Gabbert: First, I don't remember if I ever asked you this, but why did you choose to change the spelling of your name?

Jessicah: I added the h just to differentiate myself because I had a very common name and was never the only one in a classroom and I didn't feel common or average. Lol

KG: As kids you were always strong-willed and determined. That's the same today. Do you believe that you were born that way?

Jessicah: I remember myself as very meek and mild as a child. I never wanted to make anybody upset. I always felt like the peacemaker because we were raised by so many different people who didn't like to be around each other so I learned when to be quiet and when to make jokes to break the ice. As a teenager I felt like I was always taking care of everybody else so I took that time to do what made me happy and possibly intentionally piss everyone off just to lose the peacemaker title. As an adult I think I've finally grown into my strong willed self and I feel like I've learned a lot about myself and that no one can give me the life I want except myself so now I just go for it. So back to the question, I think I've had to go through many stages in life to get where I am and if I was born that way then it took me many stages to understand it. But it's so nice to hear other people always saw that in me so thank you!

KG: I don't have a lot of childhood memories because I forgot a lot and blocked out other things, but I do remember that when you were hanging out with me and my best friend; you must have been about eight or nine you were stubborn, head-strong, and you knew what you wanted. And I promise you, I wasn't the only one who saw it. My best friend saw it and told me about it then too. Just wanted to let you know. 

Jessicah: I'm glad that part of me shine through sometimes! Lol also I'm sure I didn't have to play peacemaker between you and your friend so I think that made me a lot more relaxed in that scenario so thank you for that. 

Kaylyn Gabbert: I remember you helping me study for vocabulary tests and spelling bees, watching you prepare our younger for school, and I heard you homeschooled as well. Have you always had a desire to teach or did it grow with you? P.S.: I still hear some of your spelling tips in my head, in your voice when it comes to certain words, especially Colorado, island, and Wednesday. 

Jessicah: That's so great that you still use those! I have always loved school! I recently had the epiphany that people said many things about me, but education was something that could never be taken away so I prided myself on that. I enjoyed helping you and teaching our brother how to read and other skills gave me such a rewarding feeling so I guess I carried that on into homeschooling. I definitely would say it's a passion of mine. 

KG: I think it's about time to thank you for helping me feel the same passion for learning and teaching. I was years behind you on it, but you were definitely part of the inspiration of why I became a tutor in the literacy department. It might be long overdue, but I have wanted to thank you. Speaking of, what was your favorite subject back when you were a student? Is that still a subject you look into to this day?

Jessicah: That's so great! Glad I could help! I have always loved and continue to love math. It's one of my favorite things to learn and teach because it always makes sense and has set answers. I never liked history in school because the story changes depending on who is telling it, but as I've grown it has become more and more interesting to me. 

KG: For me, I obviously always loved and continued to love language arts/reading/creative writing. I am on your side about history. As a kid, and with that one person we had who was obsessed with the history channel, I haaated history. But I was actually lucky that when I got into high school I had two high school history teachers who had no problems teaching us new ways to learn history on our own. History is now one of my absolute favorite subjects as well. I also love learning about medicine. 

Kaylyn Gabbert: I heard that you're traveling with your family a lot, making wonderful memories with them, like our parents did with us. What first inspired that?

Jessicah: I guess our childhood initially inspired that! I just want to see everything I can see and do everything I can do while I'm on this earth and I want my kids to have that opportunity as well. 

KG: Okay. I have to ask: What was your favorite vacation/trip with Dad and family? And separately, what was your favorite vacation trip with Mom? If you tell me yours or need help, I'll tell you mine as well. ^-^ I think it'd be great to swap stories, of course, if you're okay with it. 

Jessicah: I liked camping on "Scooby island" with dad. With mom I enjoyed going to Yellowstone. Those are both great memories for me and defined helped develop my love my travel. I hope to do the same for my kids. What were yours?

KG: When it comes to our family vacations, when it came to Dad vacations I absolutely loved "Scooby Island" and how we named it that. I have two other favorites with us and Dad. One being the one where Dad gave us and one of my middle school friends boy advice in real time on a run-of-the mill camping trip. How Dad was worried about me because I was the first one who wanted to check on the boy who "crashed" on his bike to get our attention. And out of all three of us, I think I was the last to get a boyfriend. *laughs* And I absolutely loved the covered wagons camping site. It was so unique. When it comes to Mom trips, I vaguely remember Yellowstone. I loved exploring Colorado with Grandma and Grandpa "Sally" like Cave of the Winds, Garden of the Gods, Seven Falls, the top of Pikes Peak. I also absolutely loved this cabin camping trip we took with E and partially Rocky. There was a swimming pool, mini golf. We had a small bird funeral. 

Jessicah: Oh yeah I remember those ones with mom too!! The covered wagon trip is a sore spot for me because I feel like that was when I really got treated as "not part of the family" while I had never felt like that before so that one was hard for me but the idea was very cool!


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